What are the mistakes made in eye health? Watch your eyes in the summer!

In the second summer season, which we entered under the effects of the coronavirus, experts warned about eye health. Due to the full closure due to the virus for a long time, we will leave the closed environment and touch the places where the air is. In this process, he especially made statements about the effects of the sun on the eyes. So what are the mistakes made in eye health? Watch your eyes in the summer!

The coronavirus, which has caused the death of a very serious number of people all over the world for about 2 years, has subsequently paved the way for different diseases. One of them is eye health. Finally, due to the peak number of cases in the winter months, there was a closure to the houses again. In this process, complaints such as tiredness and redness were experienced in the eyes that were left for a long time in closed environments. However, with the decrease in the number of cases with the summer months, contact with the outside increased. Experts warned to avoid eye diseases. With the increase in sun rays, the problems increase in the cornea. Dr. Cafer Tanrıverdi from Medipol Mega University Hospital’s Department of Ophthalmology talked about the problems experienced by Yasemin.com reporter Müge Çakmak.


– Looking directly at the sun can cause serious damage to the eye structure. The transparent layer in the front of the eye weakens. This paves the way for cataracts to occur. On the other hand, temporary vision loss is experienced due to damage to the eye vessels, albeit for a short time.

– Walking around during the hours when the sun’s rays are upright affects not only the skin structure, but also the eye health. That’s why experts underline that it is absolutely necessary to wear quality sunglasses when going out between these hours.

– The UV protection of the glasses used should be full. When choosing sunglasses or normally used glasses, the glasses should definitely break the sun.

– In summer, lens wearers should increase their protection status when swimming in the pool and swimming again. The lenses, which are the most germ-infected, must be removed or cleaned frequently.

– Increasing temperature in summer causes evaporation. It increases the dryness in the eye on evaporation. As this increases, itching and stinging in the eye are experienced.

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