What are the health benefits of tahini? If you eat two spoons of tahini for breakfast…

Tahini, which is rich in magnesium, is among the foods that experts recommend to be consumed for breakfast during the winter months. Tahini, which increases the energy rate of the body throughout the day, also prevents health problems such as fatigue and stress. It is one of the foods that keeps you full for those who want to diet. So what are the health benefits of Tahini?

Tahini is obtained by crushing sesame seeds. Tahini, which is a source of calcium, is usually consumed for breakfast. Tahini is also consumed for different purposes in some countries. For example; Tahini, which is used as sesame oil in Iraq, is mixed with walnuts and eaten as a snack in India. In Israel and Japan, it is usually consumed as a sauce. In our country, it is usually consumed with tahini and molasses for breakfast. T a It contains vitamin E as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. The benefits of these for our body are innumerable. In the researches, it gives positive results in the treatment of diseases such as chronic fatigue, which is increasing in the modern age. A spoonful of tahini consumed at breakfast increases the body’s energy throughout the day. How is Tahini made? Sesame shells are removed and roasted at 200 degrees. The sesame seeds, which are roasted for 3 hours without interruption, are suddenly crushed and turned into tahini. When consumed mixed with honey or molasses during breakfast, it gives energy to the body throughout the day.

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Thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids it contains, tahini prevents cardiovascular diseases that develop due to inflammation in the heart. Balances cholesterol level.

Tahini is rich in minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium that support the immune system. In this way, when 5 tablespoons of tahini is consumed, it strengthens the immune system.

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The high calcium in tahini contributes to bone development. Experts recommend that it should be consumed especially by children in developmental age, at the time of menstruation and pregnant women. Thanks to the amino acids it contains, it strengthens the muscles while developing the bones. Some sports trainers emphasize that consuming tahini will also be effective for those who build muscle.

Toxins and bacteria accumulating in the body increase the rate of poisoning after a while. The components in tahini are very effective in removing all the toxins in the body. 5 tablespoons of tahini a day, does not accumulate poison in the body and is excreted through urine and feces.

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It is one of the top supplements for brain health. It strengthens memory. Thanks to the vitamins A and B it contains, it strengthens the nerve cells in the brain and ensures a healthier functioning of the part of the brain that holds the information.

– Thanks to the iron content of tahini, it prevents anemia by increasing the rate of hemoglobin in the blood.

At the same time, tahini strengthens the cell structure of the hair and provides shine when applied to the skin.

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It contains a high rate of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it increases the rate of inflammation in the body. This causes inflammation of the bones and muscles. Therefore, it is beneficial to consume the amount during the day. It also causes weight gain when consumed excessively. As with any food, the incidence of poisoning is quite high in tahini.

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One of the substances that the human body needs during the day is protein. İbrahim Saraçoğlu states that this deficiency, which also occurs in people who do not like meat, invites serious diseases. That’s why Saraçoğlu recommends consuming tahini, which has been traditional for centuries, for breakfast. By regularly consuming five tablespoons of tahini a day, pain in the bones and muscles is relieved. In addition, during the month of Ramadan, 3 tablespoons should be consumed in sahur. It keeps the body energetic throughout the day. Nerve cells are renewed. The most important effect is that it strengthens the memory and reduces the problems that predispose to cancerous diseases. Chocolate causes severe allergies due to the ingredients it contains. It also negatively affects the sugar level in the blood. However, tahini does not have any allergic conditions. If they want to lose weight and stay fit, it is recommended that they add a tablespoon of tahini to their salad and make a snack.

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