What are the harms of the mobile phone causing posture disorders?

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Smart phones, which have become a part of our lives, cause some health problems as well as the convenience they bring. Cell phone use is now down to 2 years old. Long-term use of smartphones, especially from an early age, invites joint pain and posture disorders. While using mobile phones, it is necessary to be aware of the problems it brings as well as the benefits.

Causes posture disorders

The weight of your head puts pressure on the spine as you tilt your head forward to look at smartphones. This can cause posture disorders. These posture disorders can cause shoulder, neck and headaches.

It can hurt your finger joints

Constantly texting or playing games on mobile phones can tire your wrist and finger joints and cause pain.

breast cancer risk

Continuous exposure to the screens of mobile phones brings along the radiation emitted by their phones. In this case, it increases the risk of breast cancer.

danger of infertility

Due to the radiation emitted by the mobile phone, it can cause the sperm cells to die by slowing down in men. This may cause infertility in the future. In addition, it is stated that mobile phones increase irritability, especially in men.

May cause heart disease

With the radiation they emit, mobile phones can cause many problems from heart diseases to hypertension, from death of brain cells to perception disorders.

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