What are the harms of sugar? What does excess sugar do to our body?

Sugar, which is accepted as one of the 3 harmful foods in the researches, causes incredible effects on the human body. He underlines that almost all experts need to be severely reduced. According to the World Health Organization, sugar, which is considered the most unhealthy food, consumes 8 out of 10 people on average every day. What are the harms of sugar? What does sugar do to our bodies?

Most plants contain sugar. However, the sugar consumed in tea or food today is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet. While it is obtained from sugar cane throughout the world, sugar in our country is made from sugar beet. When sugar is used compared to all the nutrients in nature, it produces a high rate of energy. The sugar that comes to the table is fabrication. This means that the sugar has been processed. These sugars, which are produced at high temperatures, contain more energy when processed. Since it goes through a certain process, its calorie also increases. Sugar is one of the nutrients the body needs. However, when consumed excessively, it causes serious health problems. Sugar, which is in the top three of the World Health Organization’s list of most harmful foods, causes different diseases when excessive.

  • Excessive consumption of sugar causes the body to take false energy.
  • Sugar accelerates aging and increases hair loss.
  • By disrupting the cell structure, it prepares the ground for cancer diseases.
  • It causes unbalanced weight gain.
  • It disrupts the functionality of the nerves and causes the brain to regress.

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Excessive consumption of sugar primarily negatively affects oral and dental health. Sugar remaining as waste in the mouth causes the infection to grow rapidly. In addition, sugar, which has an acidic structure in its content, causes the material on the surface of the tooth to turn yellow. Experts attribute some of the dental ailments to excessive sugar consumption. Sugar can even lead to tooth loss.

It also increases the risk of gout by increasing the acidic level in the body. Due to increased edema between the joints and bones, it causes restriction and pain in body movements.

– Sugar made to the nervous system affects the signals to the brain. Excessive consumption of sugar since childhood causes forgetfulness or lack of concentration in later ages.

– One of the foods that the liver does not like after salt is sugar. Sugar negatively affects the functioning of the liver and gall bladder by increasing the number of toxins in the body.

– Sugar, which rapidly absorbs the fluid in the kidneys, prepares the ground for the formation of stones and sand. It reduces the functions of the adrenal glands.

– Plays with insulin resistance by giving false energy to the blood. This may pave the way for the reduction of blood-forming cells.

Sugar, which reduces fat burning in the body, causes regional lubrication. Experts usually attribute the lubrication in the upper part of the belly to excessive sugar consumption.

– It provides a false energy resistance to the body. This can reduce the consumption of healthy foods during the day.

Fructose in sugar causes an increase in the stress hormone. Excessive sugar or sweetened tea consumed during the day at intense work tempo increases the risk of stress.


– Since it adversely affects the liver, it accelerates aging by reducing the regeneration of cells.

– Studies have shown that sugar regresses memory. It has been revealed by scientists that the normal but false sugar course in the blood for a long time weakens the signals to the brain.

– Reduces the number of cells in the immune system, which have a similar structure to sugar. Since the immune system likens the sugar in the body to that cell structure, it does not produce these protective cells. This leads to the absence of a strong antibody when the virus enters the body.

Sugar, which disrupts the structure of cells, reduces the risk of cancerous diseases. For example, while a smoker normally damages the lungs, excessive sugar consumption disrupts the DNA structure of the cells in the lungs. This easily paves the way for mutated cells in the lungs, that is, for the formation of tumors.

– Some skin experts also state that excessive consumption of sugar causes hair loss and wear.

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