What are the harms of smoking? The miracle mixture that makes you quit smoking in 21 days!

Millions of people die every year from smoking. This number is increasing day by day. Cigarette smoking, which causes addiction, causes severe damage to the body in a short time. Experts emphasize that the most basic way to get rid of this addiction is to want to get rid of it. What are the harms of smoking?

40% of the world’s population smokes. This is increasing the number of deaths day by day. Since the nicotine rate, which causes addiction, increases in the body, it makes it difficult to quit smoking. But g triple willpower and psychology help to quit smoking. In addition, there are some foods that reduce the nicotine desire in the body. Experts emphasize that these foods also heal the damage caused by nicotine in the body.

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The hazards of smoking


  • It contains nicotine, which causes addiction. This paves the way for psychological disorders. Heavy deformation occurs in the lungs exposed to the smoke. This disrupts the body’s oxygen cycle. Since the lungs cannot clean the air, the balance of blood pressure in the body is disturbed. This paves the way for vascular occlusion, which causes a heart attack. Smoking not only causes lung diseases but also increases the risk of heart attack.
  • Since it kills cells, it prevents the body from regenerating. This affects everything from the skin to the bones. Since its smoke kills the cells on the skin surface, it causes yellowing or darkening.
  • The worst harm of smoking is that it reduces the fertility rate. Smoking, which is harmful to the body in general, shows these effects in the future. For this reason, men and women who do not have problems in having children may encounter this situation in the future.
  • Since it blocks the sinuses and bronchi, it prevents the respiratory system from functioning properly. This causes upper respiratory tract diseases to be more severe.
  • The cigarette smoke that penetrates the saliva in the mouth is deformed here. This prepares the environment for bad breath and teeth whitening over time.

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smoking cessation mix



Half glass of lemon juice
100 milliliters of chamomile tea
Half a glass of grapefruit juice
15 milliliters of coconut oil
15 milliliters of jojoba oil
15 milliliters of olive oil
One teaspoon of fresh thyme


Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Don’t just add thyme to this mix. Help it prepare faster by running the entire mixture through the blender. Add the thyme last and mix once more. Consume one glass of this mixture a day. This mixture will reduce the body’s addictive craving for nicotine over time. Also, do this practice regularly for 21 days.


  1. Nicotine leaves the body within two hours. All nicotine is excreted from the body in a week.
  2. While the heartbeat begins to be regulated in 6 hours, after 20 days, the heart and vessels are completely cleaned.
  3. Your lost sense of taste and smell improves.
  4. The toxin in the lungs is excreted through the urine. In this process, the digestive system is also renewed. Especially the grapefruit contained in the mixture helps the body to be purified from all toxins.

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