What are the harms of salt? If you miss too much, it upsets the balance of your body!

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For a quality life, we need to naturally provide all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. However, as in every field, there are some foods that are risk factors for our health in nutrition. One of them is salt. There are 2,400 mg of sodium in 6 grams of salt that we need to consume to provide the sodium that the body needs. However, according to studies, people consume around 7,000 mg of sodium on average, Beykoz University Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Y. Birol Saygı, ” When salt is consumed in excess, it turns into an enemy. Invokes chronic diseases ” said. The harms of salt, which poses many risks for human health, do not end with counting. Here are the things to be careful about salt consumption on appleelma.com!

How important is salt to metabolism? Why are we worried about salt consumption? Is salt a friend or foe? Salt consists of 40% sodium and 60% chlorine. He said that the important mineral in salt is sodium. Saying that sodium from salt is an electrolyte, Saygı said, ” electrolytes; They provide nerve muscle excitability, maintain the osmolarity of body fluids, regulate the acid-base balance in the body, and take part in the regulation and distribution of water volume in the organism. They provide fluid distribution between departments in the organism, and are effective in the function of the cell membrane. They function in biological processes and are involved in cell functions” said.

Salt “Health or taste?”

Health or taste? “The question is very important. When health is lost, it is not easy to fix, but the metabolism is easy to get used to in taste preferences. Taste should never be preferred to health. It is very important to eat healthy, without forgetting the basic element of sodium intake for metabolism. The metabolism needs to get enough sodium. While daily salt use was at the level of 100 mg 5 thousand years ago, today it is over 15 or even 18 grams in our country. According to the Turkish food codex, the recommended daily salt intake is 6 grams, which means 2,400 mg of sodium intake.

On the other hand, we take 6 thousand – 7 thousand 200 mg sodium daily. That’s more than double what it takes. Saying that sodium is very important and necessary for metabolism, but too much will cause difficulties in the Gibbs-Donnan balance, Saygı explained that this balance, which should normally be 1, is above 2 in Turkey.

The amount of sodium the body needs is very important!

Consuming sodium more than needed is the trigger of many chronic diseases in metabolism. Excessive sodium and insufficient potassium intake have important health effects. Today recommended useful salt ‘ should be evaluated primarily with sodium content. ‘ High mineral content ‘, it is important how much sodium we take into metabolism while taking these minerals. It should not be forgotten that salt is definitely not a mineral source for our body. Salt, which gives flavor to foods, becomes a health risk product when the daily usage limit is exceeded. So salt is both friend and foe.

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