What are the harms of over-consumed red meat causing cancer?

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Eda Balcı, Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist, gave information on the subject by drawing attention to the fact that consumption of more than 70 grams of red meat per day increases the risk of bowel cancer as a result of studies.

Important for gut health!

The integrity of the living organism in the intestine is called the “intestinal microbiota”. These living organisms can be of beneficial and harmful types. Many factors such as genetics, nutrition, physical activity and age can affect the intestinal microbiota. One of these factors is nutrition.
Certain foods and different diet types can affect the number and health of living organisms in the gut. Probiotics, prebiotics, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, exercise, avoiding stress and adequate sleep are very important for intestinal health. Of course, excessive consumption of some foods is one of the risk factors for intestinal diseases. Refined, processed foods and high animal protein consumption can cause negative consequences for intestinal health. A study on this subject shows that packaged foods and a diet program containing high animal protein have a very bad effect on intestinal health and change the balance of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Plays a role in bowel cancer formation

Excessive consumption of red meat, which is a source of animal protein, and processed forms of red meat (such as salami, sausage) play a role in the formation of colon cancer in particular. It was observed that it increased by 35 percent compared to those who consumed meat.

Highest source of protein

Red meat is a high quality protein source. It is especially rich in zinc and iron minerals. It is also rich in vitamins B3, B6 and B12. Because of these vitamins, especially vitamin B12 is only found in animal sources, red meat is a very good source of vitamin B12.

When consumed in excess, it causes serious health problems!

Despite all these beneficial effects, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of red meat. Foods such as sausage and salami, especially made with the processing of red meat, can pose a serious risk to our health. Therefore, it is recommended to consume less than 70 grams of red meat per day. Care should be taken not to consume more red meat than should be consumed daily, and especially processed red meat consumption should be avoided for our intestinal health.


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