What are the harms of mobile phone? Does smartphone cause cancer?

The mobile phone used by almost everyone is one of the powerful communication networks. The mobile phone, which has almost become an organ of the people, is actually not that innocent. Cell phones working with strong signals invite various diseases. Experts warn that not keeping the cell phone nearby, especially while sleeping, otherwise it may cause cancer. So what are the disadvantages of mobile phone?

The mobile phone, which is an indispensable part of our lives, invites serious discomfort in long-term use. The mobile phone, whose usage is almost 4 years old, works with strong signals, although it provides many conveniences. These signals cause negative problems to human health. According to a study conducted by the International Telecommunication Union, the number of mobile phone subscribers in the world has exceeded 5 billion. Experts underlined that this number is terrible. Research shows that increasing number of mobile phones damages both physical and body organs. Cell phones working with radio signals are the most harmful to the health of the brain. The waves cause the nerves in the brain to die. The mobile phones, which emerged about 20 years ago, have changed in size, features and use with the increase in technology. Nowadays, even business can be carried out with cell phones that used to be only used for talking. This led to an increase in its use. Experts reminded that the increase in cancer diseases in recent years may be due to cell phone signals.

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Mobile phones enriched with LED lights in developing technology negatively affect the hormone melatonin. Therefore, when you sleep close to mobile phones, the release of this hormone decreases. It paves the way for sleep problems. Sleep problems also bring psychological problems. It also causes cells to mutate. It leads to a rapid increase in cancer diseases. In particular, it triggers breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Cell phone used closely at night in bed also affects eye health. It reduces the amount of fluid in the eye.

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– The use of smart mobile phones causes contractions in the fingers.

– It affects the posture of the body during use. This causes posture disorders. In particular, neck hernia occurs and the spine part is curved.

– Radiation in pregnant women adversely affects the development of children.

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– The use of headphones with a mobile phone impairs the healthy hearing of the ear. At the same time, the cell phone speaker also causes damage to the eardrum as it fluctuates sound signals at close range.

– The radiation emitted by mobile phones mutates nerve cells. This mutation causes not only cancer but also other diseases. One of them is brain diseases. Especially since it affects brain development, it weakens the power of concentration.

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