What are the harms of carbonated drinks causing premature death?

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According to the news in the Independent newspaper, more than 450 thousand adults from 10 European countries, whose average age is above 50, participated in the study carried out by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, affiliated to the World Health Organization. Studies have shown that beverages such as carbonated beverages and soft drinks can cause premature death.

The study followed people for 16 years.

The research did not include people with conditions such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes at baseline. Of the people included in the study between 1992 and 2000 and followed for an average of 16 years, more than 41,600 died during this time.

Those who consume carbonated beverages and soft drinks are at risk of premature death

During the study, participants were asked many questions reflecting their dietary habits, including their consumption of soda, fruit juice, and energy drinks, as well as lifestyles such as exercise, smoking, and weight. The research revealed that 9.3 percent of those who consumed less than one glass of soft drink a month for 16 years died, and 11.5 percent of those who consumed two or more glasses of 250 milliliters of soft drinks per day died.

17 percent higher

The researchers found that when other factors such as body mass index, diet, physical activity, smoking and education were taken into account, those who consumed two glasses of soft drink a day had a 17 percent higher risk of premature death than those who consumed less than one glass a month.

Damages the circulatory system

It was noted that the results were valid for both sugary and sweetened beverages, with similar results for both men and women in the study. When the researchers looked at specific causes of death among participants, they found that frequent consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with a higher risk of death from circulatory diseases.

Digestive system ailments also increase risk of death

Soft drinks containing sweeteners were also associated with a higher risk of death from digestive disorders. It has also been pointed out that all soft drinks are also associated with an increased risk of death from Parkinson’s.

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