What are the foods that increase the risk of heart attack, be careful with white chocolate!

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One of the health problems that should be considered is a heart attack. One of the conditions that usually causes a heart attack is the coronary. Coronary, Cholesterol is vital for normal bodily function, but too much is also harmful. Many foods that we consume in daily life, such as white chocolate candies, are broken down in the liver and lead to cholesterol. Cardiovascular Surgeon Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak talked about the foods that should be avoided to reduce the risk of heart attack.

A heart attack can occur when blood flow to the heart is suddenly blocked. It is considered a serious medical emergency and can have life-threatening consequences. So, is there a way to avoid this? Yes, it is possible to avoid a heart attack by not including certain foods in your diet!

Cut down on these foods to reduce the risk of heart attack

Fatty meats such as white chocolate, candies, cakes, pudding and biscuits, pastries, pies, pastries, sausages, hamburgers, pastrami and kebabs, Margarine, palm oil, coconut, coconut cream, palm oil cream, milk, yoghurt, cream Full-fat dairy products such as cheese are foods that need special attention.

Many foods have a list of saturated and unsaturated fats. Try to cut out foods high in saturated fat and replace them with foods containing more unsaturated fat,” said Cardiovascular Surgeon Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak said, “One third of our energy is about 70 g per day for a woman. and 90 g per day for a man. It should come from oil. However, it is recommended that saturated fats contain no more than one-third of that (20g for women and 30g for men.)

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