What are the foods that cause constipation, processed grains are one of those foods!

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Constipation is a very annoying problem that can affect people of all ages. In addition to foods that are good for constipation, which causes bloating, which causes discomfort and negatively affects the quality of life, there are also medications. In cases where this problem is severe, it may be necessary to use medication. We have listed the foods that cause constipation in our news.

Milk and milk products

Although milk and dairy products, which are low in fiber, are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin K12, they can cause constipation. For this reason, a diet focused on dairy products will lead to constipation as it will be deficient in fiber.

Red and white meat

The saturated fat in red meat is thought to be a factor that increases constipation. Red meat and other animal foods such as chicken and eggs can cause us to feel full immediately, as they are high protein sources, and therefore, we may give less place to plant-based foods that contain high amounts of fiber.

processed grains

Unlike whole grains, processed grains contain very low amounts of fiber. The indispensable white bread and white rice are among the processed grains that are low in fiber. In addition, fast food and frozen foods also contain very little fiber. Eating foods high in saturated fat and low in fiber can therefore cause constipation.


Although it has not yet been proven how chocolate triggers constipation, the low amount of saturated fat and fiber in white and milk chocolate are among the potential causes.

unripe banana

When fruits such as bananas and melons are eaten before they are ripe, they can cause constipation; It can worsen the condition of those who are already constipated.

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