What are the first signs of menstruation? What causes period delay? Natural ways to reduce menstrual pain

The menstrual period that almost every woman experiences as of puberty is a biological condition. The menstrual cycle, in which the uterus begins to function, is bleeding. However, this bleeding is not a health problem. On the contrary, it shows that he is healthy. We have researched for you what is curious about the menstrual cycle. So what are the symptoms of menstruation? What causes period delay? Natural ways to reduce menstrual pain

The situation that women experience at a certain age for fertility is called menstruation. Preparation for birth begins in the womb. However, when there is no effect, the tissues and structures formed in the uterus are broken down by internal contractions and the command given by the brain via nerve cells. It is cleared by being excreted from the body through the blood. During this time, the first symptoms appear. This process varies according to the biological structure of each woman. Some of the symptoms experienced in menstruation are the same as with different diseases. However, the woman who started menstruating knows that what she experiences as her period approaches, after calculating this, is an indication of this. Although rare, weather, environmental and nutritional conditions sometimes change the symptoms. This also affects the duration of menstruation.

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The order is not the same in every woman, but since the change in the biological structure of the body affects the nerve cells, it starts with conditions such as headache and nausea. Especially women with low blood values ​​have a difficult time with this process. Dizziness and blackout, similar to low blood pressure, may occur. It varies according to the metabolism, some women have constipation during these periods, and some have diarrhea. There is swelling on the chest edges and abdomen. In addition, severe contractions and pains begin in the muscles. The most common symptom is mood swings. The reason for the change in emotion is the rapid work of the hormone glands in this process. Even in this process, women sweat fast and these sweats are usually smelly. The activation of female hormones leads to mental states such as irritability, depression and stress. Menstrual symptoms begin 3 or 4 days before menstruation occurs. Bone pain is the most common symptom. For example, knee, back and foot pains…

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Menstrual delay can sometimes occur due to stress. However, some experts underline that especially weather change and eating habits can cause this. However, menstrual delay is not a normal situation, but there may be different reasons for it. Delays may occur in married women, as there is a possibility of pregnancy. However, it is beneficial for women who are not married but who are experiencing delays to consult a specialist. Because cyst formation, which can be seen widely in the uterine region, can also lead to this situation. In addition to the delay, it is beneficial for people who are premature to apply to a specialist immediately after experiencing this frequently.


– Hot water bag is the first natural way that comes to mind.

– Chamomile tea can reduce the feeling of pain as it calms the nerves.

– Drinking anise or poppy tea after a warm shower

– By massaging the back and abdomen

– Dark chocolate especially balances hormones and can help reduce nerves. Psychologically it leads to relaxation of the body.

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