What are the effects of inactivity on our body? Increasing joint pain during the pandemic process…

The number of diseases caused by the increased inactivity with the pandemic period is increasing day by day. Experts have warned about joint disorders that increase with the start of working in the home environment, especially in desk workers. It was underlined that inactivity comes with physical problems. What are the effects of inactivity on our body? Increasing joint pain during the pandemic process…

With the coronavirus, serious changes have occurred in the traditional way of life. Due to distance, which is one of the protections against the virus, spending more time at home has increased. However, in the new arrangement made to prevent the number of cases in workplaces, companies that are available to work in the home environment started to work from home under the name Homeoficce. However, this precaution taken to protect against coronavirus brought with it a sedentary life. Physical ailments increased in people who mostly stayed at home. As the functionality of the muscle and bone system decreased with a sedentary life, serious deformations began to be seen in the body. Negative states arose, from the respiratory to the nervous, immune and cognitive systems. Joint pains that increased with edema paved the way for hernia and calcification diseases.

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– Fat burning decreases in an inactive body. This leads to unbalanced weight gain.

– As weight is gained, skeletal weights occur as the center of gravity descends from the waist to the knees and ankles.

– When a sudden opening occurs in the bone system, which remains in the same position for a long time, blood circulation suddenly accelerates. This causes a sudden splash of blood to the brain.

Inactivity causes hardening of bones. However, when it is experienced in an unhealthy diet, hernia, joint pain and calcification due to vitamin deficiency are seen.

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– The most common problem is neck and back pain. Because prolonged inactivity can cause damage to the system of the spine.

– One of the lesser known information is hormonal balance. Movement-related functionality is regulated in the hormonal system. However, increased sedentary life causes hormones to work less.

– As movement in the body decreases, regression occurs in the respiratory tract. The mucus in the respiratory tract is reduced. The less mucus, the more likely viruses are to attach to the lungs.

– Immobility and drinking less water causes urinary tract obstructions.

– Decreased blood circulation. The sugar resistance in the blood decreases.

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Simple movements can be made in these times when life at home is surplus. You can dance or walk from one point of the house to another for 30 minutes every day. The legs can be moved as if you were lying on your back and riding a bike. Continuous stretching should be done. In addition, 5 liter water bottles can be filled and arm movements can be made. Experts state that in addition to this issue, cleaning is also considered as movement and provides benefits to the body. However, all this must be done without straining the muscle and bone system.

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