What are the effects of eating 2 eggs in sahur every day on the body?

Experts argue that eggs, which are the strongest satiating food in nature, should be consumed vigorously in sahur every Ramadan. Eggs, which contain strong levels of vitamins and minerals, cause allergies in some people. However, those who are not allergic can consume 2 in the sahur. So, what are the effects on the body of eating 2 eggs every day at sahur?

Eggs, which allow you to spend the fasting process most comfortably, contain high levels of vitamins. Eggs, which contain especially vitamin A, C and B complexes, are an effective nutrient in the regeneration of the body from start to finish. Experts recommend that eggs should not be over or undercooked to get the full benefits, but should be cooked at a medium level called soft-boiled. Eggs, which are used in almost every field, take the first place in the list of satiating foods. However, because it contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, it can cause an allergic reaction in some people. For this, experts recommend taking a break from consumption in this situation.

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  • It increases the functional functionality of the brain by strengthening the nerve cells. It strengthens memory by supporting the regeneration of brain cells.
  • Eliminates stress, depression and fatigue. It makes the body more energetic and vigorous.
  • The lutein substance it contains increases the vision rate of the eye. Regular egg consumption strengthens eye health. It is recommended by experts to consume it every day for people with vision problems.
  • It increases the body’s absorption of vitamin D. In addition, it is also rich in calcium, which provides the development of the muscle and bone system. It reduces the body’s pain system during fasting. Eliminates long-term non-eroding vitamin deficiencies.
  • Eggs, which are rich in vitamin B complex, especially strengthen hair follicles. Renews skin health.
  • Foods consumed throughout the year cause fatigue and lubrication of the liver. Fatty liver causes toxin accumulation in the body. However, the egg prevents this from happening, thanks to the phospholipid-containing substance. It helps the liver to regenerate itself.
  • Eggs, which do not contain bad cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces the cholesterol level of the body.
  • It reduces the risk of cancer when consumed daily. Eggs are also among the foods that delay aging.


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