What are the diseases that increase in Eid-al-Adha? Those with chronic diseases beware!

The days when red meat consumption is the highest is during the Eid al-Adha. Increased consumption of red meat and offal, which is beneficial to human health, can lead to serious diseases. For this, we have researched this process for you, which should be paid attention especially by those with chronic diseases. So, what are the diseases that increase in Eid-al-Adha? You can find everything you wonder in the details of the news.

Experts warn about the consumption of red meat and offal, which will increase on the occasion of Kurban Bayram. Those with chronic diseases should consult their experts before consuming the sacrificial meat, which is slaughtered and distributed for worship purposes. Offal and red meat, which meet many needs of the body up to calcium in iron deficiency, can pave the way for some diseases when consumed excessively. It can also be transmitted from animals to humans.   and There are viruses that cause diseases such as There is a high risk of contamination from poorly cleaned offal or undercooked meat. Therefore, experts remind the importance of checking whether the animals to be taken are diseased or not. It warns that it should be disinfected and consumed in healthy environments after it is cut. Experts, who recommend not to consume meat immediately after it is cut, reminded that there may be some bacteria in the meat during this process. In addition, those with chronic diseases should be more careful in this process.


Increased cardiovascular diseases due to bad cholesterol

Excessive consumption of meat reduces intestinal flora.

By prolonging the grinding process of the stomach, it causes deformation of the stomach muscle and wall.

The risk of infecting the body with viruses such as brucellosis and tuberculosis, which are likely to be transmitted from undercooked meat, increases. Thus, the risk of joint and muscle diseases increases.

Excess consumption of animal fat increases the body’s fat mass ratio and paves the way for weight gain and regional permanent fat.

By deforming the nerves, it prevents the healthy functioning of the body’s control mechanism.

It increases the rate of experiencing diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure and stroke.

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Experts emphasize that people with heart, kidney, diabetes and high blood pressure are more at risk in terms of such risks. For this reason, he states that they should get advice from their doctors about how to consume before consuming. Otherwise, it may cause irreversible health problems. At the same time, experts say that healthy people should definitely have an allergy test because some people have an allergy to red meat. This allergic reaction does not show very severe symptoms at first. However, in a healthy person, symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, itching and flaking of the skin after meat, or a persistent itching in the throat may indicate allergies.

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Meat should be cut into small pieces and stored in quantities to be consumed.

The cut meat should not be left open for a long time. Because of the hot weather, the bacteria in the meat multiply rapidly. And these bacteria do not disappear even at high temperature.

Re-freezing the frozen and thawed meat increases the poison rate.

The meat of the slaughtered animal should not be consumed immediately. It should be kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Do not consume meat early or late. The best time to consume qurban meat is at noon.

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