What are the diseases that can be transmitted from the pool and the sea? How to clean the body?

Since the pools and seas, which are frequently preferred to cool off in the summer months, are public areas, the risk of contracting a disease is high. Therefore, experts emphasize that before using these areas, it is necessary to pay attention to whether they are hygienic or not. Bacteria, which are at risk of contamination from pools and seas, pave the way for serious diseases. So what are the diseases that can be found in the pool and the sea?

The general term for the health problem experienced after bacteria transmitted from pools and sea is Recreational water diseases. Microbes or chemicals enter the human body in various ways from water. Pools and seas, which are preferred for cooling with the increase in temperature, can adversely affect human health. There is a high probability of getting infected, especially from pool water that is not cleaned. These bacteria cause skin, ear, eye, digestive, respiratory and head diseases. RSH, or recreational water diseases, can pave the way for chronic diseases. Experts emphasize that attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the pool used, and that employees should not allow sick people to swim in these areas. It is also full of bacteria that can accumulate on the surface despite the tide in the sea. This place where people who do not have a good education leave their urine and defecation causes serious digestive diseases. These bacteria, which are transmitted to the body through the mouth and ear, find a living space in the intestines and make the body sick internally.

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The most common illness is diarrhea. Diarrhea, which occurs when bacteria such as giardia and shigella settle in the intestines, is often seen in children. If these bacteria mix with defecation or urine and water, they can be transmitted to someone else by leaking water into the mouth. If not treated early, the body loses its functions due to excessive fluid loss.

Inflammation of the outer ear canal

It is the other most common disease after diarrhea. The disease, which is caused by the leakage of dirty water into the ear, causes inflammation from the inner ear to the outer area. The simplest way to protect from infected cells, which are strong enough to cause hearing loss when they reach the eardrum, is to use earplugs.

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When adenoviruses that occur spontaneously in unclean waters escape into the eye through the water, they settle into the fluid in the eye. It causes inflammation and redness of the eye. If not treated early, it can lead to vision loss. It manifests itself with symptoms such as severe eye pain and redness of the eye.


Fungal bacteria that settle in the genital area prepare the ground for urinary tract infection here. It manifests itself with symptoms such as burning, itching and bleeding during urination. Infected cells do not stay on the surface and pass into the body. It causes inflammation in the urinary tract.


This bacteria causes warts. It is the most common of the skin diseases. Bacteria are transmitted both in water and during contact. Since it is likely to spread, it spreads rapidly not only to the place it touches, but also to other regions.


This rare virus is a viral infection that affects the liver. It manifests itself with symptoms such as abdominal pain, jaundice, fatigue and nausea.

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One of the most common ailments after swimming pool and sea is ear inflammation. Water accumulating in the outer ear canal causes an infection in the inner ear. In order to avoid this problem, the ear should be cleaned from the inside out with the help of a clean stick or cloth. At the same time, cleaning can be done by adding anti-inflammatory drops or olive oil.

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If the nose is not cleaned of germs, it causes infection and blockage of the sinus canals from the air pipes. Thus, in addition to severe headaches, discomforts such as sinusitis and migraine occur. In order to avoid this situation, add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water after the sea and the pool and mix well. Then gently suck this water with your nose and throw it away again.

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It should be cleaned after the pool and sea so that the eye does not get infected. After a general body cleansing with a bath, put warm tea bags on your eyes and rest for 15 minutes.

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The genital area, also known as the bikini area, is the most suitable place for infection after the pool and sea. If you don’t want to sunbathe as soon as you get out of the sea and the pool, don’t walk around in wet swimsuits for a long time. After a warm shower, put on your clothes after the genital area is thoroughly dried.

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The communal pool or sea also affects the oral and dental health quite negatively. Millions of harmful bacteria enter our body with the water swallowed during swimming. These bacteria negatively affect many places from the mouth to the intestines. It increases the risk of infection of wounds or bruises in the tooth. It causes bad breath. It also increases the acid rate in the stomach, causing damage to the esophagus. These bacteria, which go down to the intestines, cause diarrhea. In order to avoid these problems, the mouth should be gargled with salt water after the pool and sea. Soda with lemon should be consumed for stomach and intestines.

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