What are the conditions that cause inflammation? How to reduce fever at home? High fever symptoms…

We have searched for all those who are curious about fever, which is usually associated with upper respiratory tract diseases. A sudden rise in body temperature causes the person to become ill. Due to the increasing corona virus in recent days, experts warn patients to look at the fever level first. So what are the conditions that cause inflammation? How to reduce fever at home? Symptoms of high fever…

Body temperature 2 times higher than normal high fever is called. The most common situation in the emergence of this situation is a reaction of the immune system that fights the infected cells that enter our body. The immune system tries to fight infections by increasing the body’s temperature, but this damages many organs in the body. Therefore, the body temperature needs to be balanced immediately. Otherwise, the number of nerve cells due to firing decreases. Body movements are not provided as a result of insufficient signal to the brain. In addition, as the brain nerve cells die, the probability of the patient to have a seizure increases. Convulsions, which cause serious losses, especially cause permanent mental disorders. The most normal temperature of the human body is between 36-37 C. Both its low and high levels are the harbingers of diseases. In recent days, almost everyone is searching for fever, which is among the symptoms of the corona virus. However, fever is more common in this process compared to other diseases. Sudden fever disrupts the body’s general health system. The body, whose resistance decreases, has difficulty in getting over the disease.

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high fever levels;

Ear measurement: between 39 C and 45 C

Oral measurement: around 38.7 C

Armpit measurement: 38 C


Viruses entering the body through the upper respiratory tract,

Some foods increase harmful bacteria in the body,

Having a platelet level that supports blood coagulation for less than a month,

Intestinal inflammatory disease, which is caused by an increase in the level of intestinal fluorescence,

proliferation of cancer cells,

Conditions such as sunstroke cause high fever.

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The fluid ratio of the body decreases due to high fever. As a result, it causes some complications in the body. These symptoms, which vary according to the person’s structure, are listed as follows. It is manifested by reddening of the body, loss of appetite due to stomach contractions, weakness due to weakening of the bone structure, weakness, fainting, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, as well as tremors, chills and chills.

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A doctor should be seen as soon as symptoms appear. Because it can cause serious brain damage if neglected. Specialist doctors usually try to strengthen immunity with medicated serums. At home, soup, water or fruit juice should be consumed to prevent body fluid loss. The patient should be showered with warm water and left to rest in a place with normal room temperature. Soda and lemon should be added to cold water and mixed, and this mixture should be moistened with a clean cheesecloth or towel and placed on the underarm, forehead and neck of the patient.

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Red and purple colored foods rich in lycopene

Nuts and fish containing omega-3 fatty acids

Balancing the body vitamins and minerals; arugula, cress and green onions

Apple is the most effective in reducing fever compared to other foods.

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Some foods with antibiotic properties provide one-to-one benefits for sudden fever. Yogurt is one of the most effective foods that increase the body’s resistance and prevent the immune system from causing fever. Have the person with a fever eat yogurt as much as a soup bowl. Then put 3 glasses of water and 2 glasses of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and mix. Dip a towel in water and lay it on the patient’s head. Drink a glass of orange juice after half an hour. In the meantime, the patient should dress thinly. After a sudden drop of fever, it is immediately covered and sweat is provided. Because with the rapid work of the sweat glands after the fever, the body takes action against the infection. Meanwhile, the body needs vitamin D. That’s why it’s important to drink orange juice.

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