What are the conditions caused by vitamin D deficiency? What foods contain vitamin D?

Vitamin D contained in sunlight is one of the most beneficial vitamins for human health. Vitamin D deficiency, which experts make statements to be taken, causes some diseases. In addition, vitamin D deficiency, which causes weakening of immunity, reduces resistance to viruses. So what are the conditions caused by vitamin D deficiency? What foods contain vitamin D?

The body synthesizes sunlight and converts it into vitamin D. By increasing the absorption of calcium, vitamin D helps many organs and systems in the body to work healthier. Therefore, people who are deficient in vitamin D are at higher risk of developing certain diseases. Fat-soluble vitamin D, called calciferol, is stored in the membranes of organs. Vitamin D, which is usually taken from the sun’s rays, is also taken into the body through some foods. After being synthesized in the liver and kidneys, it is distributed to the necessary areas in the body. Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, which are especially needed by babies and children, are absorbed in the digestive tract. Vitamin D alone does not provide a function in the body, for this there must be calcium and phosphorus. The healthiest vitamin D is taken with sunlight. It is taken in the form of provitamin taken from food and turns into vitamin D. It is very beneficial in the development and strengthening of bones and teeth. When taken less; It causes serious bone and dental diseases. More than that; It causes overwork of kidneys and excessive water loss of the body.


Feeling tired and sick all the time during the day

Immune resistance to diseases

Weakness in bones and body movements

Headache, difficulty walking, imbalance in the body and insomnia with weakening of brain cells

Severe pain in joints and bones

Hair loss and skin rash and shedding

Hand and foot chills

Continuous feverish ignition

Increase in under-eye bruises and premature wrinkling of the skin

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On the skin when not enough vitamin D is taken from the sun; Health problems such as celiac, eczema, fungus and herpes occur.

Vitamin D deficiency also causes bone growth, delayed blood clotting and some health problems in the immune system.

Vitamin D deficiency in the nervous system causes harmful bacteria to multiply. Since this condition damages the nervous system, the risk of experiencing psychological disorders increases.

Vitamin D causes blood sugar to drop. While this leads to diabetes, sudden changes in blood pressure also invite high blood pressure and heart disease.

Vitamin D, which strengthens the cells, prevents the cells from renewing themselves when it is deficient in the body. Mutated cells cause tumors and cancer disease. Studies have shown that 40 percent of women with breast cancer have a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D increases the body’s resistance to infections. However, vitamin D deficient in the body; It causes muscle weakness, fatigue and sudden cramps at night. Some experts state that one of the reasons why cancerous cells increase in the body is due to vitamin D deficiency.

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Salmon, mackerel and tuna, which are rich in omega-3, are the most powerful foods in nature to meet the body’s vitamin D deficiency.

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Thanks to the high calcium it contains, milk synthesizes the vitamin D taken into the body and ensures that it is easily absorbed in bone, muscle, tooth and organ tissues.

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They are the foods lowest in vitamin D. However, it can meet 20 percent of the vitamin D the body needs. Although it is recommended to consume plenty of children, it is not recommended to consume a lot of people aged 25 and over, as it causes weight gain.

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Although it does not eliminate the deficiency of vitamin D, it reduces the conditions that the deficiency will cause in the body. For example, it supports their strengthening by reducing uric acid in bones and muscles. It prevents blood pressure or heart diseases by providing blood circulation.

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Although it is not consumed by many people, chicken liver is a very rich food in terms of vitamin D. Since the chicken stores the vitamin D taken from the sun in the liver, experts recommend it to be consumed. Experts emphasize the consumption of one plate per week on average.

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Parsley, which contains the vitamins and minarets it receives from the sun thanks to photosynthesis up to its roots, must be cut and consumed without touching metal. Thus, all the vitamins in its content are utilized more healthily.

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