What are the colon cancer symptoms? You can take the precaution with laparoscopic!

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In order to prevent colon cancer, which is in the third place among cancer types that threaten human life, and to reduce the risk of colon cancer, closed applications called laparoscopic, together with the developing technology, provide a positive effect on the patient’s quality of life and psychologically. Especially after the age of 50, what should be known about colonoscopy, which should be done regularly, from Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital General Surgery Department, Prof. Dr. Ercan Gedik gave information about colon cancer and its surgical treatment and symptoms.

Colonoscopy Should Be Performed Regularly for Health After 50 Years!

Among the most important causes of colon cancer; Factors such as age, familial history, polyps, family history of gynecological cancer, diet, genetic predisposition are at the forefront. The risk of colon cancer, which progresses slowly and does not show symptoms in the early period, increases especially after the age of 50. Therefore, regular screening programs should not be neglected. Anyone over the age of 50, having a colonoscopy as recommended by the doctor plays an effective role in the early detection of colon cancer or the removal of cancer-causing polyps before they turn into cancer.

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Healthy Living Is Very Important!

In order to prevent colon cancer or to catch the disease at an early stage, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of a healthy life, as well as regular controls.

  • Being at the ideal weight and maintaining this weight,
  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • Increasing the consumption of foods with high fiber content,
  • Doing moderate physical activity for 30-60 minutes a day,
  • Not smoking and alcohol use,
  • Limiting red meat consumption…
  • The primary treatment for colon cancer is surgery.

Today, laparoscopic, that is, closed methods, which increase patient comfort and contribute to treatment success, are used instead of open surgeries, which make patients nervous and prolong recovery times. Laparoscopic methods, which were used only in gallbladder, appendicitis and hernia surgeries in the past; It can also be successfully applied in the surgery of tumors formed in organs such as stomach, spleen and large intestine. Since closed surgeries do not cause scars on the patient’s body, they do not cause any aesthetic concerns.

Laparoscopic Provides Fast Recovery!

In laparoscopic surgery, pain is felt less than in open surgery. The hospital stay is short, the incisions on the abdomen are too small to cause aesthetic concern. The risk of infection in the wound is less, the healing process is as short as possible. The most important thing is to keep the patient away from heavy surgery psychology. In this way, patients; can adapt to work, private and social life more quickly. However, appropriate patient selection is important for this procedure.

Continue to Observe Post-Surgery!

After laparoscopic surgeries, patients should act with the advice of their doctors. In addition, in case of some complaints, the doctor should be contacted without wasting time. Especially; Problems such as excessive blood in the stool, bloating in the abdomen, pain that does not go away with medications, chills, chills, persistent cough and shortness of breath may require emergency intervention.

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