What are the causes of persistent cough? Natural remedies for persistent cough

We have researched for you those who are curious about cough that occurs as a result of respiratory tract diseases and negatively affects both the health and life of the patient, especially the cough that does not go away. Cough, which is caused by the congestion of the throat after the accumulation of microbes in the sinus tract, can be relieved by some natural ways. Even for persistent cough, natural medicine recipes from experts are in the details of the news.

Cough, which is seen regardless of gender and age, occurs when infections that cause upper respiratory tract diseases settle in the throat and sinus tracts. It is the high air pressure that comes out of the mouth as a result of the pressure of the breath taken by the chest and the diaphragm and the lungs. This can occur voluntarily and involuntarily. Many conditions can lead to coughing. However, cough is more common in people who smoke a lot. The reason for this is that the lungs cannot fully control the incoming air pressure. In addition, it can cause coughing in negative problems in the lungs, heart, digestive and nervous systems. One of the symptoms of the coronavirus, namely the covid-19 virus, which has affected the whole world in recent days, is cough. Cough is also seen for a while in those who have survived the coronavirus treatment. Natural remedies provide one-to-one benefits for coughing caused by long-term destruction of the lungs.


– With the escape of a foreign body into the respiratory tract

– Excessive nicotine consumption

– Removal of viruses and bacteria accumulated in the airways

– Diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, sinusitis, COPD, Tuberculosis, gastric reflux, rib cage and heart failure

– Allergies to dust, pollen, detergent, cold and hot weather

– Upper respiratory tract diseases such as flu, cold and post-nasal drip

– The side effects of some drugs cause cough.

NATURAL MEDICINES FOR Cough that does not go away

Viruses and infections come at the beginning of the problems caused by the above diseases. The ways to get rid of them are foods rich in antibiotics. It is beneficial for coughs that do not go away in natural remedies prepared through these foods. But consulting an expert should come before natural remedies. After expert control, natural remedies will provide benefits in body resistance.


Put honey, which is one of the strong antibiotics, into a glass of hot water and mix well. You can consume two glasses a day. This water helps to remove bacteria from the body through urine. At the same time, it keeps the throat warm and prevents further destruction.

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Pomegranate is the main enemy of infections and viruses. One pomegranate is ground into grains. Pomegranates are added to the juicer with a teaspoon of salt. It is squeezed and can be consumed two glasses a day after being squeezed. Like salt solution, it helps to get rid of viruses in the throat.

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The mint-lemon mixture that almost everyone knows is also beneficial for cough. This mixture that cleans the sinus tract: Boil a glass of water with a tablespoon of mint. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to it.

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The warm towel relaxes the chest and throat. Wrap a clean towel soaked in hot water from the chest towards the throat and wait until it cools down. Refresh this frequently after it cools down.

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Put 5 drops of peppermint oil in boiling hot water. Try to breathe in the steam of this water. Let the application relax the throat and chest.

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