What are the causes and symptoms of postnasal drip? Natural ways that are good for nasal discharge

Postnasal drip, which is seen with the proliferation of viruses that cause upper respiratory tract diseases, is both a health problem and a harbinger of health problems. Experts therefore emphasize that it is necessary to see a doctor for increased nasal discharge. This mucus, which accumulates in the throat or nose, negatively affects the quality of life. So what are the causes and symptoms of postnasal drip? Natural ways that are good for nasal discharge

The channels that allow oxygen to enter the body, located between the head and nose and surrounded by bones, are called sinus canals. Sinus channels prevent viruses and bacteria from going to the lungs by filtering them. Infections accumulating here come out in the form of discharge. However, frequent occurrence of this situation can be a sign of a serious illness, even if it is not a serious illness. The current flowing from the sinus canal towards the throat is called postnasal drip. Increased nasal discharge with obstruction of the sinus canals causes face and ear pain. The advanced size of the nasal discharge causes chronic cough and pharyngitis. Nasal discharge itself is also a harbinger of upper respiratory tract diseases. The discharge from the nose or throat is caused by the accumulation of viruses. This flow must be stopped before it descends into the lungs, otherwise it may cause deformation of the cells in the lungs.

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allergic reactions,

Accumulation of the infection that does not flow from upper respiratory tract diseases in the nasal cavity,

Long-term nasal sprays,

Loosening of the vessels in the nose,

Air that is not renewed due to closed environments,

Serious causes are deformation in the brain and spinal cord,

Conditions such as tumors that occur with the mutation of cells in the nasal passages cause postnasal drip.

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Itching and burning sensation in the throat

Headache due to not getting oxygen to the brain

coughing constantly

Difficulty detecting odor while breathing due to stuffy nose

Discharge from dark nose and throat

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Nasal discharge is prevented with some medications recommended by an otolaryngologist. However, experts do some testing to find out what exactly is causing the discharge. Apart from this, there are some issues that one should pay attention to. In these;

– Ginger tea is one of the natural ways that instantly cuts the nasal discharge. Throw a spoonful of thyme into the boiling ginger tea and remove it from the stove. Let it brew for 5-6 minutes. Then strain into a glass and drink. You can also squeeze a few drops of lemon into it.

Reducing situations that can cause allergies, such as dust, pollen, animal debris.

Avoiding growing flowers and plants in constantly rinsing environments.

Continuously ventilate the found environments.

Avoid foods that cause allergies.

Consuming water regularly. In addition, add a glass of real apple cider vinegar to the water consumed regularly. Apple cider vinegar not only cleans the runny nose, but also cleans the stomach and intestines.

When there is a current, it is to blow it out instead of pulling it into the throat.

To continuously clean the sinus canals, drop solvent oils such as peppermint oil into hot water and absorb the steam.

Instead of sending the infection in the throat back to the sinus canals with salt water gargle, it is to get rid of the phlegm.

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