What are the benefits of zahter? How is zahter tea made and what does it do?

Zahter, which was transferred from the Arab culture, has been consumed since the Ottoman period. We have researched for you those who are curious about zahter, which is highly preferred with its pleasant smell. Zahter, which can be consumed as tea, is also cooked in some regions. So what are the benefits of zahter? How is zahter tea made and what does it do? You can find everything about zahter in the details of the news.

Zahter, known as Za’atar in Arabic, is an herb belonging to the thyme family. It is known that zahter, which is consumed in meals in the Middle East, has benefits for human health for centuries. Zahter, which provides a unique taste to Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian dishes, has an aromatic aroma and taste. The thyme plant, which is ground into a spice, is blended with thyme, marjoram and salt. Consumption of zahter, whose consumption goes back to Andalusia, is usually prepared by women at home by their own means. After being discovered by Westerners, cumin, coriander and fennel are also added to its ingredients. This mixture is also consumed as tea, as it strengthens immunity during seasonal transitions. This mixture, which entered our country during the Ottoman period, is especially added to juicy and meat dishes. A special tea is also made. As for the traditionally prepared zahter, there was only salt and sumac. This mixture is added on or inside the bread with olive oil. Zahter tea, which has been made since ancient times, was consumed as a natural medicine to reduce parasites in the body. Apart from this, it is known that it prevents brain diseases by strengthening the nerves.

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During seasonal changes, viruses usually start from incubation periods. This causes viral infections. Experts recommend natural remedies to prevent diseases that increase with the decrease of immunity. Zahter is a very effective sitter in this regard. Especially, zahter, which is made as a spice, protects against diseases by increasing the body’s resistance together with other useful plants in its content.

The number of infected cells is reduced by gargling with zahter, which is effective in clearing the immune system and also very beneficial in oral health. As a powerful antioxidant like thyme, zahter accumulates cells that accumulate between teeth in saliva and allows them to be expelled from the mouth.

As a powerful weapon against microbes, zahter is a very effective herb against cough. It instantly cuts dry cough and reduces the destruction of the throat. It helps in breathing comfortably by relaxing the throat.

Rich in vitamin A, the essential vitamin for eye health, zahter also cleans the sinus tract. It prevents the blockage of the eye canals with bacteria and increases the liquid rate in its content. It prevents vision loss. It also prevents eye problems in advanced ages.

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As a powerful antioxidant, zahter also prevents the formation of cancerous cells. In particular, it prevents cells from mutating. Since ancient times, it supports the reduction of the rate of cancer diseases by consuming tea regularly.

Increasing parasites caused by unhealthy diet and environmental effects in the body cause serious diseases. Parasites especially settle in the intestines, upsetting digestion and metabolism. However, zahter is an effective plant in removing parasites from the body through urine. While removing zahter parasites with urine, it prepares the environment for a comfortable urination.

Zahter, which is also used in cosmetics thanks to its pleasant smell, is the raw material of products such as soap for skin cleansing.

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Zahter plant is dried and mixed with herbs such as thyme, sumac and salt added into it. Add a teaspoon of boiled water and leave for 5 minutes. Then strain and pour into a glass. Optionally add honey or lemon into it. You can consume one glass a day.

NOTE: Since it has a very strong antioxidant effect, it is beneficial for chronic patients and pregnant women to consult a specialist before consuming.

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