What are the benefits of yogurt? What happens if you drink yoghurt juice on an empty stomach?

Yogurt, which is consumed by almost everyone, has incredible benefits for human health. Yogurt containing live lactic acid bacteria has positive contributions to digestive health. So what are the benefits of yogurt? In some studies, it has been revealed that yogurt water has benefits for human health. What happens if you drink yoghurt juice on an empty stomach? You can find everything you wonder about yogurt in the details of the news.

Yogurt with high nutritional value, which is the result of fermentation of milk, contains live bacteria. Although it is not known exactly by whom and when, yogurt has been made for centuries. Yogurt, which is estimated to have been produced for 6,000 years, spread to Europe from the Ottoman lands. During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, yogurt was sent to some European kings with the intention of healing. Thus, yoghurt, which spread all over the world, emerged in Anatolian lands. Yogurt, which is mentioned in one of the Turkish works, Divanı Lügatit Türk, was consumed in alternative medicine, especially in digestive diseases. Over the years, yoghurt has been consumed purely as well as by adding some useful nutrients to it. For example, sumac and lemon are added to it to lose weight, or carob molasses is mixed to make it blood-forming. It is very rich in terms of calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, E and B groups. In some studies, it has been determined that yogurt reduces the risk of cancer diseases. Especially yoghurt, which prevents breast cancer, creates a shield that almost protects the body. Consumption of yogurt varies according to age and gender. While children in the 3-year-old group should consume 4 servings a day, 6,9 and 18-year-olds should consume 3 servings. The effects of changing hormones should be tried to be reduced by consuming copious amounts during the developmental age, menopause, pregnancy and menstrual periods.

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Experts emphasize that the bottom water of yoghurt should not be poured. When consumed on an empty stomach, it balances stomach acid. It starts from the esophagus and is excreted through defecation or urine without leaving any food waste in the organs of the entire digestive system. Increases the functionality of the intestines. It works the adrenal glands. By giving a feeling of fullness, it prevents the person from eating too much. So it helps in weight loss.

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Yogurt contributes greatly to bone development as it contains vitamin B complex. Since it strengthens the bone structure, it prevents bone resorption, which is likely to occur especially in advanced ages. In addition, it accelerates the healing process as a result of bone damage.

Folic acid is essential for body health. A bowl of yoghurt easily meets 75 percent of the folic acid that the body needs for the development and functionality of the organs in the body.

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It is recommended to be consumed by people who do not consume cheese and milk. The same benefits that can be obtained from these foods can easily be obtained from milk.

Yogurt reduces bad cholesterol levels and strengthens cardiovascular health. It corrects the damage caused by some nutrients in the veins. It prevents oil accumulation. Although it contains saturated fat, it does not cause vascular occlusion. It lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.

Yogurt can be made from milk obtained not only from cows, but also from buffalo, goats and sheep. All these yogurts allow the body to easily take vitamins and minerals that it cannot produce on its own.

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It is the most natural remedy to prevent discomfort such as nausea, chills and vomiting. Yogurt easily heals damaged areas here, not only when eaten but also when applied to the skin. It prevents the formation of acne and acne. It keeps the skin young.

Yogurt is the food that the immune system needs most. Yogurt strengthens immunity and removes harmful bacteria from the body. It prevents the body from forming fungi.

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