What are the benefits of watermelon? When watermelon seeds are consumed! If you drink watermelon juice….

It is the most powerful food in nature in terms of the amount of liquid it contains. Watermelon is very effective in meeting the body’s fluid ratio. Not only in terms of liquid, but also watermelon has many other benefits to the body. So what are the benefits of watermelon? According to studies, watermelon juice regulates digestion in a short time and removes toxins through the urine.

Thanks to the different minerals and vitamins it contains, watermelon provides benefits to many parts of the human body from hair to toe. At the same time, it has a cooling and relaxing effect since it is 92 percent water. Especially consumed in hot weather, watermelon is the indispensable fruit of summer months. Watermelon, which belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, emerges when a plant turns into a fruit. Watermelon ripening on the ground has passed into our language from Persian. Although the roots of the waterless farming method are at least salvaged, better products are obtained from irrigated farming. While it has zero content in fat and cholesterol, it is very rich in sugar. It is the most produced food in the world after tomato. In our country, the best watermelon is grown in Diyarbakır. The shells are given to animals as fodder. Although the seeds are discarded in some regions, they are actually available in regions where they are made as nuts. Kapuz is an excellent source of nutrients for heart and skin health. Experts count watermelon among the foods that should be consumed in sahur, especially in Ramadan. Watermelon meets both the body’s fluid needs and fiber needs. Even a slice of watermelon is enough for this benefit.



Watermelon seeds, which are watermelon seeds, are not consumed raw. However, it can be consumed boiled or roasted. The collected watermelon seeds are first boiled. Cooked watermelon seeds are then roasted with salt. In some methods, it is pressed with salt and baked in pots, while in others it is fried in a pan with salt. Experts say that the oil in the watermelon seed is not harmful, but because it is roasted with salt, it can increase the salt rate of the body. At the same time, a handful of watermelon seeds is boiled with 2 liters of water. Add sliced ​​watermelon into the boiling water and pass it through the blender. When a glass is consumed on an empty stomach in the morning; It regulates blood sugar, digestion, blood pressure, bad cholesterol and uric acid in bones.

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It is necessary to know the good and bad of the most preferred watermelon in order to cool off in the summer months. According to the researches and the warnings of experts, cracks in the watermelon can cause serious health problems. Injectable forchlorfenuron has been approved in some countries for faster ripening of fruits and vegetables. However, this substance is not so innocent. If it enters the body, it causes deformation of the cells. This triggers cancer diseases. When the substance, also known as growth hormone, is injected into the watermelon, it causes rapid growth and cracks in the watermelon. This visible situation also spoils the smell and taste of watermelon. Watermelon, which has a flat taste, eliminates the sugary smell of watermelon. In addition, it is drier than normal watermelon in order to understand that watermelon grows fast and contains this substance.

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Watermelon, which is a storehouse of vitamin A, helps the eyes produce retinal pigments. Watermelon, which is also rich in beta carotene, reduces the rate of night blindness.

Kapruz is a fruit rich in vitamin C. It strengthens the body’s immune system and protects against cancerous cells. In some studies, watermelon contains lycopene, which prevents the formation of cancerous cells.

Watermelon, rich in potassium, strengthens the tissues of the nervous system. It is also a natural food source for muscle aches and insomnia problems.

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It prevents urinary infections. Since the water content is high, it supports the kidneys to work better. Watermelon, which meets the body’s need for water, prevents the formation of sebaceous glands in the liver and skin.

Experts emphasize that consuming 4-5 slices of watermelon in hot weather is good for sudden brain hemorrhages and heart problems. It also reduces the risks of stroke and stroke by regulating blood levels.

Watermelon contains plenty of vitamin B6. This vitamin provides the production of the hormone serotonin in the brain. Thus, the person who eats watermelon reduces the possibility of depression.

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– The heart needs potassium to function more healthily. However, in hot weather, the body lowers the potassium rate more. Watermelon is a fruit rich in potassium. Therefore, by consuming watermelon in hot weather, it also removes the potassium ratio in addition to the fluid the body needs.

Watermelon, which is an ideal food for those who want to lose weight in the summer, provides satiety for a long time thanks to its high fiber and also supports the intestines to work more comfortably. It cleans bacteria and infections, which are at the beginning of digestive problems.

– It is recommended by experts to be consumed during iftar and sahur during Ramadan. It provides both long-term satiety and keeping you full for a long time.

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Cheese and watermelon are indispensable for most people. However, some dietitian experts emphasize that excessive consumption of cheese and watermelon can cause weight. It is not recommended to exceed the consumption of two slices of watermelon and two slices of cheese.

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