What are the benefits of walnut leaf tea? How to make walnut leaf tea?

Walnut leaves, which contain high levels of vitamins E and C, have positive effects on human health. Walnut leaves, which have many benefits from skin to digestion, are generally consumed as tea. Especially, Ibn-i Sina recommended mixing honey with walnut kernels and leaves and consuming it for better functioning of reproductive organs. What are the benefits of walnut leaf tea? How to make walnut leaf tea?

One of the most consumed foods in terms of health benefits is walnut tree. Even the fruit and leaves it grows are used in alternative medicine. In addition, the furniture obtained from the tree is very durable. Tea is made from the leaves grown on the walnut tree, which has a great climate cover in the world. It is recommended in alternative medicine as it helps to remove toxins from the body. In addition, it grinds the leaves in a mortar and turns them into a creamy consistency, allowing wounds to heal quickly. In addition, the water in which walnut leaves are boiled strengthens the hair. Especially in these recent years when viruses have multiplied, one of the effective teas recommended by experts to strengthen immunity and eliminate infections in the body is walnut leaf tea.

  • It strengthens the hair roots.
  • You can use it as a tonic for your skin.
  • It purifies the body from microbes.
  • It can be made into a paste and applied to wounds.
  • It helps to reduce parasites such as maggots in the intestines.
  • It is a complete vitamin C.


Beat 5 dried walnut leaves thoroughly in a mortar. Then put it in a coffee pot with two glasses of tea and bring it to a boil. Take it off the stove after 10 minutes, and after 5 minutes you can drain it and consume the tea as a glass all day long.


– The leaves can be boiled and added to the water used for bathing. This water also cleans the pores of the skin. It also renews the scalp for those who suffer from oily scalp. It also strengthens the hair follicles and prevents shedding and wear.

– In the mixture included in Ibn Sina’s healing books, walnut kernels and walnut leaves are mixed with honey. This mixture is especially recommended for those who have children. Put two dried walnut leaves in two walnuts, spin well in a mortar and add a teaspoon of honey to the powder.


The most important ingredient of walnut leaf tea does not allow toxin accumulation in the body. This prevents the development of viral and infection-related conditions in the body. In addition, tea is ideal for those who want to lose weight. It regulates the functions of the intestines. In this way, it prevents food waste from remaining. It is one of the healthy herbal teas recommended by experts for gout patients. Walnut leaf tea, which also lowers blood sugar, provides one-to-one benefits for vitamin C deficiency. It strengthens immunity. It prevents the formation of cancer by protecting the DNA structure of the cells.

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