What are the benefits of vitamin C, preventing muscle loss in old age!

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Research by the University of East Anglia revealed the miraculous benefit of vitamin C on muscle health. Over the age of 50, 1 percent of muscle mass is lost each year. This leads to negative consequences such as type 2 diabetes, weakness and sarcopenia, and physical disability. Consumption of vitamin C eliminates these problems in old age.

The muscle mass of the elderly who consume plenty of vitamin C is in better condition.

A study by the University of East Anglia among 13 thousand people aged between 48 and 82 showed that the skeletal muscle mass of the elderly who consumed a lot of vitamin C was in better condition. The experts, who measured the amount of vitamin C in the foods and blood consumed by these people for a week, also calculated their muscle mass.

Those who consume vitamin C preserve their muscle mass

In the study, it was observed that consuming plenty of vitamin C helps to preserve muscle mass in this age range. In the study, people with high levels of vitamin C in their diet or blood were found to be in very good condition in terms of skeletal muscle mass.

An orange juice a day protects the musculature

Experts in moderation; He states that it would be sufficient for many people to consume a citrus fruit or a vitamin C-rich food from the vegetable family, such as an orange, every day.

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