What are the benefits of tangerine? What happens if you eat tangerines for a week?

Did you know that tangerines, which are rich in vitamin C, have incredible benefits for human health? So what are the benefits of tangerine? What happens if you eat tangerines for a week? We have compiled for you those who are curious about tangerine, which has incredible benefits especially for expectant mothers. You can find everything about tangerine in the details of the news.

Mandarin, one of the temperate climate fruits, belongs to the citrus family. It is a fleshy and juicy fruit with yellow, orange and green colours, covered on the outside of the tangerine. The peel is softer than oranges. The meat can be eaten directly, or it can be drunk by squeezing the juice. Experts about tangerine juice say that when consumed regularly, it increases the body’s resistance to winter diseases. Tangerines usually take their place on the counters in our country with the month of September. It grows all summer long as it likes hot weather. It can be easily consumed throughout the winter. However, the tangerine type grown in Rize is resistant to cold. Therefore, it can be consumed even in winter. The country with the highest production in the world is China. Our country ranks fifth in the production order. In the cities of Adana and Mersin, in the first week of November, the Turkish mandarin orange is introduced to the whole world with the Narinciye Festival. Since ancient civilizations, tangerine has been defined as a source of healing. Mandarin, which is rich in vitamins C and A, is very good for immunity, heart and bone health.


Mandarin, which is rich in flavonodes, has anticancer effects. Flavonodilar substances strengthen immunity by destroying cells with free radicals entering the body. It also reduces bacteria that are likely to enter the blood. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering the bad cholesterol level.

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Since almost everyone is disturbed, the tangerine throws off the white veins that cover its surroundings after peeling it. However, experts emphasize that white veins are a very strong source of fiber and these veins make positive contributions to gastrointestinal health. White veins strengthen the stomach muscles. It especially increases the functionality of the stomach during the grinding process. In addition, it facilitates defecation by preventing the accumulation of food waste in the intestines.

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It is effective in increasing the value of some vitamins and substances that decrease in the expectant mother during pregnancy. Mandarin, which is rich in folate and B vitamin complex, contributes positively to the development of both the expectant mother and the baby. Studies have shown that individuals who do not take adequate folate supplementation have an increased risk of mutating DNA cells. This invites various cancer diseases.

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Potassium increases the cells of the organs, increasing their functions. The probability of experiencing various diseases increases in the person with potassium deficiency. It also negatively affects bone and brain health in advanced ages. At least one tangerine consumed per day reduces the possibility of this deficiency.

It cleans the blood and prevents the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. The healthy sugar it contains meets the energy rate of the body. It accelerates fat burning.

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It removes harmful microorganisms that mix with the blood from fatty and carbohydrate foods from the body through the urine. Thanks to the injured acid substances it contains, it reduces the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

Essential fatty acids keep the cholesterol level in balance.

It reduces the risk of diseases that occur with the changing heat balance of the body during seasonal transitions. It also helps people who are sick to recover faster.

It is good for insomnia when consumed regularly after dinner in the autumn months.

Thanks to the soothing substances it contains, it renews the deformed cells in the nervous system.

Experts also emphasize that throat infections decrease when the peels of tangerines are boiled and drunk.

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