What are the benefits of sweet potatoes? What does sweet potato juice do?

Sweet potato, also known as red potato, is frequently consumed in Far East countries. The sweet potato, which is a full vitamin C store, has a thousand and one panacea, from its peel to its juice. It has just started to become popular in our country. However, potato type similar to sweet potato has been consumed for centuries in Anatolian villages. So what are the benefits of sweet potatoes? What does sweet potato juice do? Answers to questions…

in japan lpomoea batates passes as. Sweet potato, belonging to the columbine family, is a starchy food with tubers. Although Central America is its homeland, it is the countries in the Asian Continent that produce and consume the most. It is a flavor that is distributed all over the world from here. The leaves and sprouts are eaten as well as the sweet potato itself. Although it looks like a potato in appearance, it does not even come from the same family. There are 50 genera of sweet potato, which belongs to a completely different family. However, since there are poisonous ones among these species, care should be taken when consumed. It differs from normal potatoes in color and taste. Even though the Americans call the sweet potato yam, it is not remotely similar to yam. Since it does not contain gluten It is at the top of the list of ideal foods. In Asia and South America, this food has been consumed for medicinal purposes for centuries. Since it is the richest food in nature in terms of vitamin A, it has also been the subject of research today. It is used as a raw material in the development of pharmaceuticals and industrial products. A 2013 study included polyphenol substance inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells has been observed. Thanks to its high fiber and low calories, it is also among the first secrets in diet lists. In South America, the sweet potato, which is usually orange in color, is in the Asian Continent. yellow and purple colorshas.

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It is consumed as garnish, puree, roasted and fried as well as boiled. The juice of the sweet potato, which can be washed thoroughly and boiled with its skins, is also consumed. Sweet potato, which is an ideal food especially for those who have digestive problems, is good for stomach problems such as reflux and ulcers. In addition, it provides a long-term feeling of satiety. Therefore, those who want to lose weight can consume it this way. Sweet potato, which is seen as the 7th food source in the world, easily meets 80 percent of the vitamin A needed by the body. Studies in Japan have proven that sweet potato can be used in the treatment of anemia and hypertension.

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Thanks to the high fiber it contains, it supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system. In this way, it prevents the formation of stomach and intestinal diseases. It also helps in weight loss as it is easily digested. Fiber provides both weight loss and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Polyphen substances in the body By preventing DNA cells from being deformed prevents tumors from forming. Thanks to this feature, it prevents cancer or is effective in cancer treatment. Sweet potato, which is rich in polyphen substance, prevents such serious health problems when consumed regularly.

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The most effective nutrient for brain and eye health is vitamin A. vitamin A Thanks to this, the risk of developing diseases that occur in these places is reduced. Carrot is an effective food in this regard. However, one medium sweet potato is effective at meeting 50 percent of the vitamin A provided by 10 carrots.

Although it is called sweet potato, its sugar content is quite low. In terms of this feature, there is no harm in consuming it for diabetics. By regulating the sugar level in the blood It prevents the sugar index from rising.At the same time, it keeps blood cells in balance and prevents blood pressure from falling or rising.

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Sweet potatoes, rich in beta-carotene, are beneficial to skin health. also benefits. In the past, women used to make tonic with the juice of this potato variety. By cleaning all the dead cells on the skin, it prevents the formation of acne and acne as well as wrinkles and wear.

When some nutrients taken into the body are not converted into energy, it causes lubrication. This increases the feeling of fatigue. However, sweet potato contains Vitamin B6Thanks to this, the nutrients taken are converted into energy and the body is kept more vigorous.

It is also known to be good for upper respiratory tract diseases that increase in winter. Thanks to the vitamin C it contains, it strengthens the immune system by showing an antioxidant effect.

By calming the nerve cells, it prevents the occurrence of mental illnesses such as stress and anxiety. It is also good for problems such as sleep.

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Since sweet potato is a food that grows underground, it contains high amount of phytic acid. Therefore, it invites serious diseases because it is consumed in excess. In addition, sweet potato can cause rapid poisoning because it contains a strong vitamin and mineral. It causes problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. It is always recommended to consume in quantity. In addition, some varieties can cause poisoning due to the large number of wild varieties.

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