What are the benefits of strawberries? How about a strawberry allergy? Is strawberry oil beneficial?

Strawberry, which is a powerful antioxidant, is one of the foods that are consumed with pleasure starting from the spring months until almost the end of summer. In addition to this, we have searched for you, who are curious about strawberry, which is frequently preferred in the health, cosmetics and food industry. It is one of the foods that strengthen immunity. 6 strawberries consumed daily meet the body’s need for vitamin C. So what are the benefits of Strawberry?

Strawberry belongs to the rose family. Strawberry, which has 20 varieties in the world, is grown commercially as a garden. Therefore, it benefits human health. After the flowering process, with the effect of the spring wind, it accumulates many pollen on it and thus matures naturally. It does not like to be exposed to the sun for a long time. The variety of vitamins and minerals it contains varies according to the soil in which it is grown. It has a suitable cultivation method for the greenhouse. One of the factors that cause strawberry allergy is the immune system. The immune system, which perceives the proteins in the strawberry as harmful, tries to remove the strawberry from the body by producing antibodies and histamine. Thus, allergy symptoms appear. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health state that the symptoms of strawberry allergy begin to appear in the body within 2 hours. At the same time, strawberry allergy is detected by skin prick test and blood test.

  • It is the most valuable vitamin C found in nature.
  • When consumed after meals, it has a cleansing effect in the mouth. It activates the salivary glands. It cleans the tooth surface.
  • Although it is beneficial, it can cause allergic symptoms because it contains active ingredients.
  • Experts recommend strawberry oil for sunspots and acne scars.
  • Strawberry tea made from dried strawberries is recommended for stomach health and intestinal cleansing.
  • Since it keeps you full for a long time, experts recommend it to be consumed during sahur during Ramadan.

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Strawberry oil is indispensable for the cosmetics factory, as is the case with any oil type of food. Strawberry oil, which easily meets the superficial need of the skin, vitamin C, is also used for whitening teeth. Strawberry oil, which reduces the harmful effects of the sun, is the most natural remedy that reduces the effects of aging and wrinkles. Some experts also recommend against hair loss.

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  • Strawberry, a powerful antioxidant, is an indispensable fruit for skin health. It purifies the dead cells in the dermis on the skin surface and causes it to gain a bright and lively appearance. You can detox your face by removing the juice of the strawberry, which prevents skin blemishes, acne formation and skin diseases. Strawberry, which forms a shield on the skin against the sun’s rays, reduces the rate of cells prone to aging.

It provides one-to-one benefits for eye swelling that occurs after fatigue or vice versa. By slicing and placing it on your eyes, you can prevent such discomfort. In addition, when consumed, it protects the health of the cornea and retina by providing the vitamins that the eye needs.

  • Strawberry, which is rich in B complex, is effective in strengthening the hair. It prevents hair loss by strengthening the hair roots. It makes it look shiny and soft.

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Phytonutrient substance reduces the level of bad cholesterol. The body does not produce this substance on its own. But it is the substance that he needs daily. Strawberry is very rich in this substance. In addition, strawberry prevents vascular occlusion. Thus, it reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

  • Vitamin K is effective for bone and muscle development. Strawberries are among the foods rich in vitamin K. It prevents osteoporosis, which may occur in advanced ages.

Strawberry, which is rich in antioxidants, not only protects the skin and heart, but also prevents cancer by preventing the formation of cells that are prone to deterioration.

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Although changing meals during Ramadan may cause some complications in the body, experts state that a regular and healthy diet will be beneficial. Emphasizing that immunity should be strong, especially recently due to coronavirus, experts recommend consuming foods containing plenty of antioxidants. Strawberry is one of these foods. Strawberries provide incredible benefits for those who do not have allergies. It supports antibodies in the immune system. It provides regeneration of cells. It reduces the infection in the mouth by strengthening the salivary glands that are dehydrated all day long. It reduces the negative effects of food waste on the surface of the teeth. By strengthening the stomach wall, it prevents the stomach from getting full after being hungry for a long time. It increases the functions of the intestines. Thanks to its natural sugar content, it balances blood pressure.

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The mildest symptom of a strawberry allergy is numbness in the mouth and tingling in the lips. However, swelling and redness of the tongue and throat indicate that the allergy is more advanced.

  • Symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and dizziness are other mild symptoms. However, the onset of redness on the skin and skin shedding are signs that the allergy is serious. Experts usually apply cream treatment in these cases.

At the same time, among the dangerous symptoms of strawberry allergy; loss of consciousness, decreased blood pressure, shortness of breath and, although very rare, anaphylactic shock.

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Food, beverage and cosmetic products that use strawberries and strawberries as raw materials should not be used.

  • Specialists usually give lotions with high water content against redness, swelling, rash and inflammation on the skin.

If the allergy is severe, the patient should be hospitalized and treated. For allergies that affect the area from the mouth to the stomach, antihistamine drug treatment is applied.

  • Another rare side effect is anaphylaxis, ie severe shock, which is treated with epinephrine.

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