What are the benefits of sesame? What diseases is sesame good for? The unknowns of sesame oil…

Sesame, which is frequently used in kitchens and has varieties such as black and white, has benefits for human health. Sesame, which has been used in alternative medicine for centuries, is also consumed for skin beauty by removing its oil. We have searched for those who are curious about sesame for you. So what are the benefits of sesame? What diseases is sesame good for? What are the unknowns of sesame oil? The answer to all these questions is in the details of the news…

Sesame, which has been in a corner of kitchens since ancient times, is good for many diseases. We have compiled for you the miracle benefits of sesame, which is good for diabetes and anemia in terms of rich vitamins and minerals it contains. Sesame grown in Asian soils is used as a seed. At the same time, both oil and spice are obtained from sesame. The outer shell of sesame is used in animal feed. In medicine, sesame oil is used in medicine because it is a solvent. It is especially used in hair, eyelash, eyebrow and skin care. When sesame is processed, it is not recommended to be consumed for those who have stomach discomfort, since the acid content in its content increases. However, it can be consumed as tahini. Experts recommend regular consumption of tahini and yoghurt mixture, which has a high sesame ratio, for pregnant and developing women.

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The unsaturated fats it contains clean the arteries and reduce the level of bad cholesterol. In this way, it supports the healthy blood vessels going to the heart. It reduces the risk of developing arterial disease and stroke.

Black sesame contains plenty of iron in its content. This substance helps to reduce the feeling of tiredness and weakness by increasing the blood-forming cells and eliminating the risk of anemia.

Sesame contains phytatin, that is, anti-cancer components. Regular consumption of sesame reduces colorectal tumor cells.

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This food, which is also very rich in fiber, facilitates digestion and cleans toxins in the intestines. It also helps in weight loss.

It is good for pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis by strengthening blood vessels and bones. It also prevents the formation of edema.

Sesame is also known to be beneficial for oral and dental health. In particular, it has been revealed in studies that the oil whitens the teeth.

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Sesame oil is effective in renewing the skin and hair and reducing the rate of dead cells.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is known to be effective in clearing toxins in the liver and regenerating damaged cells in the eye.

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1 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 tablespoon of lemon juice


Mix the two ingredients well and wait 5 minutes. Then apply it by massaging your teeth and gums with the help of gauze. After waiting for 2 minutes, rinse your mouth thoroughly. Apply this mixture to your teeth twice a week.


Sesame itself has more unsaturated fatty acids in its oil. These wet acids reduce the level of bad cholesterol. In addition, sesame oil, which helps to clean the vessels clogged due to certain foods, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

In some studies, when sesame oil is dripped into chamomile tea and consumed, it helps to clean the lungs. It is also good for diseases such as asthma.

Vitamin E is important for skin and hair health. Especially vitamin E, which provides cell regeneration, increases the severity of symptoms such as drying, cracking, wear and tear on the hair and skin, which indicates that there is a lack of vitamin E in the body. The most effective food in eliminating vitamin E deficiency is sesame oil. Apply sesame oil to your hair and wait for half an hour, then rinse and use organic soap instead of shampoo. You can both consume it in the skin and apply it directly to your face as a mask. You can add it to the final rinse water in the bathroom.

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Deformation of nerve cells causes discomfort such as headache and fatigue. These disorders often lead to problems such as insomnia. However, sesame oil has a calming effect on nerve cells. Sesame oil, recommended by experts for people with sleep problems, is also good for ailments such as lack of concentrate and forgetfulness.

In a study, it was determined that the rate of being affected by external effects in the cells of people who use sesame oil is lower than those who do not use it. In this way, it has been revealed that those who consume regularly have almost no risk of developing cancer.

Sesame oil is widely used as a miracle food, especially in Asian countries, as it cleanses the liver in toxins and prevents atherosclerosis.

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