What are the benefits of sea water and air? For upper respiratory tract seen in summer…

The sea, which is entered to cool off in the summer, actually has incredible benefits for human health. Studies have shown that sea air also affects people psychologically. We have searched for you those who are curious about sea water, which is rich in minerals. So what are the benefits of sea water and air? In the details of the news:

Sea water contains 84 different elements. In these elements; mineral salts, amino acids, vitamins and circulatory system components. In addition, sea water is rich in living organisms that produce antibiotics, bacteria and antifungals. Therefore, these features are also found in the air. In some studies, it has been seen that people with psychological disorders provide mental relief by walking by the sea. The benefits of sea air and water are innumerable. However, experts warn against consuming sea water. Sea water with high salt content raises the sodium level in the body. However, it can be sniffed or gargled. In addition, the hair that can be applied to the face can be washed. Sea water provides its benefits in these ways. The air is also beneficial by being drawn through the respiratory tract. It is good to get sea air when possible several times a week, not only in summer but also in winter.

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Magnesium and hydration water components in sea water help in renewing the deformed cells in the skin. In researches, bathing with sea water balances the moisture rate of the skin and expands the sweat pores, allowing the body to excrete better fluids. In addition, the salt in sea water balances the speed of blood flow.

It is a natural solution against jaundice. A bath made by mixing sea water with sulphur-containing mud reduces the risk of jaundice.

All the properties found in sea water are also found in the air where the sea is. Antioxidants in sea air disrupt the structure of cancer-causing free radical cells. It also cleans the respiratory tract and reduces the effects of colds and allergies.

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Bromine and lithium substances increase the levels of the happiness hormones serotonin, melatonin and tryptamine in the brain. These substances are found in high amounts in sea water and therefore in the air. Because of this situation, some psychologists; In addition to stress, he recommends his patients who have nervous breakdowns and tantrums to walk for 2 hours by the sea or take a vacation by the sea.

Thanks to its high magnesium content, sea water, which strengthens the bone and muscle structure, provides one-to-one benefits for joint pain. It is also used as a natural method in inflammatory romantic diseases. At the same time, specially made compresses from sea water accelerate the repair of broken bones.

– Sea water is recommended for upper respiratory tract diseases, which are rarely seen in summer. Viruses in the respiratory tract are cleared by mouthwash and nasal spraying. Sea water neutralizes viruses thanks to the salt substance it contains.

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