What are the benefits of scorpion fish? How is scorpion fish consumed?

The scorpion fish, which is poisonous but also beneficial to human health, is called multiplier among the people. The meat of the scorpion fish, which has intense venom on its spines, is very tasty. The scorpion fish, which is even frightening in appearance, is frequently consumed by the people of Çanakkale. It contains high amounts of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. So what are the benefits of scorpion fish? How is scorpion fish consumed?

Scorpion fish, referred to as scorpaena porcus in the scientific literature, has a widespread family in Mediterranean and Aegean waters. It comes from the same family as the Lipson fish. However, the Scorpion is a smaller fish species. Scorpion with dark colors grows to a maximum of 30 cm. The surface and spines of the scorpion fish, which has plenty of meat, are poisonous. It emits poison during skin contact. It causes redness and swelling. This effect can last for more than a few days. That’s why the scorpion fish is called the striking fish among the people. Ammonia can be used for the damage it causes to the skin. It has more spines on the head. Fishermen who catch it usually hold it with an apparatus. The fins of the fish, which have a round structure, are also wide. It has tricks in hunting and cooking. Its white meat contains high protein.

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It is cut from the tail to the head. It is cut without touching the thorns. The same process is done from the bottom, that is, from the profit. Pliers during cutting. Usually soup is made among the people. But it must be done in accordance with the recipe. Usually lemon salt and vinegar are used for the soup. Onion and garlic are cut and fried. Then, diced scorpion fish, which is free of surface and spines, is added. Its flavor is enhanced with potatoes and rice. In addition, a grill pan can also be made. Often the recipe is different. But it is better if it is done by someone who knows. The people of Çanakkale often consume the soup of this fish.

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– Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are effective in mental development, scorpion fish is effective in renewing the nervous system.

– It meets the body’s need for vitamin A. In this way, it prevents eye diseases.

– It helps to get rid of infection or inflammation easily from the body.

– Regulates blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol levels. Thus, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

– It ensures the healthy functioning of the digestive system. It holds for a long time. It is one of the foods that can be consumed especially by those who want to diet.

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– It helps in cardiovascular diseases as it regulates blood flow.

– Accelerates fat burning. It regulates metabolism. It reduces the risk of obesity.

It contains a high amount of antioxidants, so it strengthens the immune system against viruses and bacteria.

– Containing calcium, scorpion fish contributes to bone and tooth development. By strengthening the tooth structure, it prevents loss and prevents inflammation of the gums.

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