What are the benefits of sardine fish? Sardines reduce the risk of mental illness!

Although it is caught in July, sardines are the leading fish species that are preferred to be consumed even in autumn. Sardines, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, generally reduce the risk of mental illness. We have searched for you everything that is curious about the sardine fish species, which is easy to cook and diverse. So what are the benefits of Sardine fish?

The oldest name of the sardine fish, which is referred to as Sardina pilchards in the scientific literature, is firefish. It is found in the Northwest Atlantic sea, in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The female of the sardine fish, which belongs to the ray-finned fish, can lay 50,000 eggs at a time. Sardines, which are the most preferred after anchovy fish, have dark green and blue spots on the silver back. Sardines, which are 25 cm long, prefer to live in flocks. Sardines are more preferred when they are still small. Due to their low resistance to thirst, they die soon after being hunted. The larger sardine is called Trsi. The smaller ones are called Papalina. The awn of the Papalina species can be consumed without removing it. In the oceans, sardines grow up to 30 cm. Sardine fish, whose homeland is Portugal, is also kept in Sicily, Portugal and Spain. But the best quality and delicious sardines are available in our country. Fish oil and fish meal are also made from sardines. In some countries, it is canned so that it reaches the table quickly.

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– Rich in calcium, sardine fish is one of the natural supplements for bone, muscle and tooth development. Fish oil is produced as an additional supplement for children by extracting the oil of sardines, which is one of the fish species that experts recommend for consumption. Sardine fish oil, which is highly nutritious, can also be consumed in case of protein deficiency.

Increasing mental illnesses nowadays are depression and anxiety disorders. Experts attribute the increase in this disease to the malfunctioning of the nervous system. Experts say that the only way to prevent this is omega-3 fatty acids, so they recommend consuming sardine fish.

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– Sardine fish also provides positive contributions to skin and hair health as it protects cell health. It especially strengthens weakened hair follicles and prevents shedding and wear.

Sarda, which has the highest amount of oil among fish species, is one of the rare foods that completes many deficiencies of the body in a short time. That’s why experts recommend consuming it twice a week.

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