What are the benefits of Reishi mushroom? How to consume Reishi mushroom?

We have searched for you about the reishi mushroom, which was included in alternative medicine books as an immortality mushroom in ancient times. Reishi mushroom, which is a powerful antioxidant, is consumed in a very different way. Reishi mushroom, the most valuable mushroom, has been discovered in our country for the last ten years. So what are the benefits of Reishi mushroom? How to consume Reishi mushroom? The answers to the questions are in the details of the news…

Reishi mushroom, which has been in the traditional medicine of Asian countries for 4000 years, mushroom of indifference, mushroom of spiritual power and ten thousand years old mushroom Also known as Reishi mushroom contains 80 percent water. It grows in moist and low-light areas in forested areas. It is also found in the stumps of decaying trees. Since the seeds are dispersed as pollen, it grows spontaneously when the soil is suitable. It is a very hard type of mushroom. The taste is also quite bitter. Therefore, it is inconvenient to consume mushrooms as dried or fresh. It should be consumed within the first hour of being plucked from the soil. It is made into a powdered tea. scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum ‘Stop. There are 6 types of Reishi mushroom. Each of these varieties has a different color. But the most common is the red one. Red reishi mushroom also grows in North America, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. The substance that makes reishsh mushroom useful are ganoderic acids . Also high in mushrooms amount; Contains germanium, lanostane, sterol, adenosine, canthaxanthin, pantothenic acid, lucidenic, bioactive and lineloic acids . In our country Kastamonu is located in the city. It is quite expensive per kilo.


Since it has a bitter taste, it is usually consumed in powder form. Powdered reishi mushroom is boiled in a glass bowl for about 2 hours. After boiling, it is drained and consumed fresh.


Since it contains high amounts of antioxidant substances, it prevents the cells in the body from mutating. Therefore, it prevents the occurrence of cancer diseases.

It delays aging as it contains anti-aging, which is the most important effect for the skin. It provides rapid regeneration of cells. That is why it is also called the mushroom of immortality.

It prevents blood pressure by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body due to the fluid it contains. In this way, it reduces the conditions that pave the way for diseases such as high blood pressure.

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It prevents vascular occlusion as it provides blood circulation easily. In addition, it eliminates the problems that predispose to heart diseases.

It strengthens the nervous system. It provides concentration as it increases the oxygen rate of the brain. It also prevents the occurrence of mental illnesses such as stress and depression. Experts consider reishi mushroom as a natural antidepressant.

It cleanses the body of toxins. It increases the working functions of organs.

It strengthens the stomach wall. It is a natural remedy especially for those who have health problems such as reflux.

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Since it strengthens the immune system, people who consume it regularly do not easily catch diseases such as colds or flu.

It reduces inflammation in muscles and joints. In this way, reishi mushroom prevents rheumatic diseases.


Its allergic effect is quite high. Therefore, it causes skin rashes in those who consume it uncontrollably. When consumed excessively, it causes nosebleeds, dizziness and dryness in the throat due to excess oxygen. It is recommended that the elderly, children and pregnant women consult a specialist before consuming.

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