What are the benefits of quail eggs? Which diseases is it good for?

Do you know that quail, which contains the most vitamins and calories among egg varieties, has incredible benefits for human health? One quail egg is more beneficial than 2 chicken eggs. Quail eggs, which are consumed in many parts of the world and whose popularity is increasing today, are now sold almost everywhere. So what are the benefits of quail eggs? Which diseases is it good for? We searched for the ones who were curious about quail eggs, which are a storehouse of vitamins for you.

belonging to the pheasant family quail birds They can lay an average of 300 eggs under good conditions. The meat of these specially fed bird species is quite delicious. At the same time, the eggs of these birds have been consumed for centuries. Quail eggs, which are a full vitamin store, are used raw or cooked to add flavor to dishes, especially in Asian countries. These eggs, which contain high calcium, strengthen the functional function of the body. Even in South Korea, quail eggs are boiled, packaged and sold in markets. Quail eggs, especially given to children, have a thin shell. It is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It is added to the cooked form of sushi as well as consumed raw. Offering quail eggs to a guest is considered a delicacy in Asia, Europe, and North America. It contains vitamins D, A and plenty of sodium, potassium and calcium. . In ancient times, this egg was broken on the area with its shell in case of sprains and injuries and massaged. It is believed that this area relaxes.

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It ensures the healthy growth of bones of children in developmental age. By supporting the muscles, which are important for motor movements, to be more flexible, it prevents diseases such as osteoporosis or inflammation, which may be seen in advanced ages.

It is the best vitamin D found in nature. Especially those with vitamin D deficiency should consume it regularly. Otherwise, vitamin D deficiency paves the way for serious diseases.

It meets 90 percent of the vitamin A needed by the eye. In addition to this, it provides the regeneration of the skin layer and membranes in the organs by meeting the vitamin A needs of the body.

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By strengthening the immune system, it increases the body’s resistance against diseases, especially cancer. Studies have shown that people who consume quail have almost no chance of getting cancer.

It supports the strengthening of bones by providing the calcium they need. It prevents osteoporosis and rheumatic diseases that are likely to be seen in advanced ages. It protects the health of the muscles by reducing uric acid. It prevents edema and inflammation of the body.

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It is very effective in removing metals that increase during the day due to environmental effects from the body. It purifies the body from toxins and provides support to the regeneration process.

Although it is high in calories, it helps in weight loss as it gives a feeling of satiety. By increasing the energy level, it prevents the body from binding fat.

It provides one-to-one benefits to eczema, which is one of the most common skin diseases. Protects the structure of cells by brightening the skin surface. It prevents aging. It provides one-to-one benefits to hair loss and wear. You can get these benefits by applying or consuming it on the skin surface. One hour before taking a bath, mix quail eggs with olive oil on your hair, leave it on, then wash it off.

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As it does not have an allergic effect, it also prevents allergies. It clears immunity from cells with free radicals. It increases the energy rate of the body. It increases resistance against diseases.

It prevents high blood pressure and heart diseases by balancing blood pressure. However, it should not be consumed excessively.

It has a calming effect on nerve cells. In this way, it is always good for neurological and mental diseases.

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100 grams of quail eggs;

calories –158 grams

Total fat –11 grams

Cholesterol –844 milligrams

Sodium –141 milligrams

potassium –132 milligrams

Carbs –8 grams

Protein –13 grams

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It is more beneficial to consume raw. However, experts emphasize that a substance in the yellow part neutralizes B vitamins in the body, so this part should not be consumed. Crack a quail egg into a glass and mix it by adding milk and a spoonful of honey. The mixture is very good for cough and allergic reactions. It also strengthens the body and strengthens the immune system. Drinking a glass a day is enough.


Since it has a high calorie amount, it can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol levels during excessive consumption. This adversely affects cardiovascular health. In addition, it reduces the functioning of the adrenal glands. Those with chronic diseases can be adversely affected when consumed with drugs. It should not be consumed without consulting a specialist.

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