What are the benefits of purple onions? What happens if you mix purple onion with milk and drink it?

Onion, one of the foods that has been consumed since ancient times, has green and purple colors as well as white. Purple onion, which takes its purple color thanks to the sulfocid substance in its content, is very rich in antioxidants. Alternative medicine experts emphasize that it is a natural remedy for upper respiratory diseases, especially when boiled and consumed with milk. What are the benefits of purple onions?

Although it was claimed that the onion, which is almost the same as the history of humanity, belonged to the lily family, it was concluded in the researches that the onion is a species in itself in terms of smell and taste. Since the seeds buried in the ground grow under the ground, the onion takes all the characteristics of the soil it grows in. In this way, it contains powerful substances. In addition to white, green and purple onions, there are varieties according to their size, such as barley onions. Onion, which is consumed as food, is also used in alternative medicine and scientific medicine as a raw material for drug production. Among the onion varieties that are effective in clearing inflammation, purple onions are the richest in antioxidants. Purple onion does not hold edema in the body. Free radical cells are also removed from the body in a short time. Purple onions are often consumed in countries such as Mexico and Chile. Although its homeland is not known exactly, it is estimated that it spread from India via the Silk Road. Purple onion, which is used in sauces for pizza and pasta dishes, has a softer texture than white. However, it is also quite sharp in terms of bitterness. The sulfoside it contains acts as a powerful antioxidant. Some alternative medicine experts recommend purple onion juice, especially for patients experiencing heart palpitations.

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According to the research of alternative medicine experts, when the purple onion is boiled and consumed with milk, it is especially beneficial in lowering high blood pressure. It also relieves inflammation in the body. It is especially effective in ending urinary tract infections, which are more common in women. However, experts still recommend making such mixtures by consulting a doctor. Purple onion, which has a strong antioxidant feature, supports the cleaning of the throat and sinus tracts affected by upper respiratory tract diseases. It prevents the irregular work of antibodies in the immune system.

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Thanks to the compounds it contains, purple onion balances the blood rate and increases the rate of beneficial cells in the moment. Experts recommend that people suffering from anemia drink a glass of purple onion juice a day.

Purple onion juice, which acts as a tincture diode, prevents burns and wounds from getting infected. During severe nosebleeds, cut the purple onion in half and smell it. This application will help in stopping the bleeding. At the same time, it is one-to-one for severe pains during the menstrual period.

If you want your quickly broken nails to grow quickly. Boil a purple onion, add a clove of garlic to it, and after the water cools down, soak your hand in water for 10 minutes. It both heals your nails and makes them grow faster.

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It turns the stones in the kidney and gallbladder into sand and removes them from the body through the urine without pain. For this, boil a purple onion and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

It is beneficial to consume purple onion juice on an empty stomach in order to eliminate edema in the body. For stomach bleeding or stomachaches, slice the purple onion. Consume with a glass of warm milk.

To relieve the inflammation accumulated in the throat, you can mix a tablespoon of honey into purple onion juice and consume it.

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