What are the benefits of plum? What does red cherry plum juice do? Saracoglu’s plum suggestions

Green plum, which has many benefits from dental health to cardiovascular diseases, also has a variety called red cherry plum. It contains A, E and B complex. It is a natural remedy especially for digestive diseases. We have researched for you those who are curious about these foods with miraculous benefits. So what are the benefits of green plum? What does red cherry plum juice do?

Plum, which grows in the upper parts and springs of the Eastern Anatolia Region, can actually be grown almost anywhere in our country. However, the taste is not the same. The most beautiful plums are those that ripen on foot. There are varieties such as can, priest, damson, sweet string and red cherry plum. Plum, which is abundant in Turkey, has spread to other countries. After Turkey, Japan consumes the most plums. Plum, which is consumed from region to region, is used in compotes, jams and desserts in our culture. It contains pectin and organic acids. At the same time, plums are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, as well as carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and iron. In the first 4 months after the plum tree blooms, it is sour and is usually consumed with salt. At the end of August, it turns red and purple by reddening and maturing in the right sun. Thanks to the high liquid it contains, it easily meets 50 percent of the water that the body needs. In some studies, when the plum is boiled with water without adding anything in its content and consumed regularly, it facilitates digestion by regulating metabolism. Plum juice, which is an ideal food for dieters, gives energy as well as keeping it full for a long time. In addition to green, there are also plums with red color. Plum, which has a sour taste, is at the top of the diet list because it has low calories. Red plum, which is a complete store of vitamins and minerals, has incredible benefits for human health. It can also be consumed by extracting the red cherry plum juice, which has become popular recently.


Bad cholesterol levels negatively affect cardiovascular health. Therefore, fatty and carbohydrate foods should not be consumed in order to keep cholesterol in balance. Green plum, which contains vitamin C, reduces bad cholesterol and protects cardiovascular health.

Green plum, which is rich in iron, prevents serious diseases such as anemia. It is also good for fatigue and hair loss. Because green plum increases the iron substance and supports the healthy functioning of the cells.

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Green plums are among the most ideal foods for those who want to lose weight. Green plum, which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, also provides the energy that the body needs. A bowl of green plums consumed during the average day will be sufficient.

Green plum, which contains almost all vitamins, strengthens the immune system and increases its resistance against diseases. Thanks to this feature, the green plum, which takes its place on the counters during the transition of the season, allows the body to change according to the weather conditions in a healthier way.

The most common of digestive problems is constipation. Prolonged constipation then causes serious health problems. However, thanks to the acidic substances it contains, plum helps to soften the intestines by separating the nutrients taken and to perform the defecation process.

In another study, it was determined that plum has a very positive effect on cigarettes. Thanks to the substance it contains, plum cleans the toxins accumulated in the lungs. It removes the damage caused by smoking and ensures that it regains its former health.

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Experts emphasize that they do not recommend brushing the teeth after eating plums. The reason is that when the acidic substances contained in the plum stick to the tooth surface or get in between, it prevents the infection there and supports the whitening of the teeth. However, when brushing the teeth immediately after eating plums, these acidic substances weaken the tooth surface, causing it to turn yellow and premature decay of enamel.

SARACOĞLU’S Plum Recommendations

It protects brain health when freshly squeezed plum and carrot juice is mixed and consumed,

It should be consumed especially by children in developmental age,

For mind-opening and long-lasting energy,

He emphasizes that by activating the sweat glands, it ensures the removal of harmful substances.


It prevents infections and germs by increasing intestinal functions. By preventing serious digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea. It supports the elimination of consumed foods from the body according to the body’s biological time.

Thanks to its anti-aging effect, it renews skin cells and reduces aging and wrinkles. It accelerates the regeneration of tissues by improving the cells prone to mutation.

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It has become one of the ideal foods for weight loss. Red cherry plum, which is a powerful energy source especially for those who do sports, is also rich in fiber, allowing nutrients to be grinded quickly.

As iron absorption decreases in the body, diseases such as anemia occur. This reduces the number of blood cells in the blood. Red cherry plum juice increases iron absorption, increases the number of blood-forming cells and regulates blood circulation.

Red plum juice, which is recommended to be consumed in the summer months, provides the adrenal glands to work more functionally by balancing the fluid ratio, as well as meeting the vitamins and minerals that the body needs in one glass a day.

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Half a kilo of red plums

A teaspoon of powdered lemon sugar

One and a half liters of non-chlorinated water


Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and mix well. After a boil, remove the foam on the top and let it boil for an hour on low heat. Then take it from the stove and pour it into a bowl with the help of a strainer. Squeeze the plum pulp with your hand, after it dries, throw the pulp away, put the red plum juice in the cupboard and wait for it to cool. Consume one glass a day.

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