What are the benefits of pistachios? What happens if you eat 10 regular pistachios?

Do you know that pistachios consumed as nuts have incredible benefits for human health? Pistachio, which has a very low fat content, is a fruit rich in vitamin B6. In this way, it helps to increase the functionality of body organs. So what are the benefits of pistachios? What happens if you eat 10 regular pistachios? We searched for the answers to these questions for you.

The shell fruit that grows in the tree type belonging to the gum tree family is called peanut. Since it was established in Gaziantep as the production center for the first time in our country, it was named as Pistachio. However, 40 percent of production is in Şanlıurfa. This fruit, which grows on the tree, has an oily outer shell and a hard shell. Pistachio, whose homeland is Turkey, Iran and Turkmenistan, is widely used in confectionery and medicine. There are four varieties of the pistachio tree, which loves hot weather. Pistachio, which is good for many diseases from diabetes to anemia, is a shell fruit that also helps in weight loss. Experts emphasize that patients with cancer risk should consume it. Consuming 10 pistachios every day, meets the body’s fat need. In addition, it is beneficial to consume 100 grams per day for the lack of B1, phosphorus, vitamins and protein that the body needs. Pistachios, which are roasted in salt and high heat along with their shells, are also consumed as nuts.

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It widens the blood vessels and allows the blood to circulate more easily in the body, while lowering the cholesterol level and protecting the heart health. Thanks to the beneficial fat it contains, it prevents the body from gaining weight and increases the energy rate.

It balances the amount of sugar in the blood. It is a food that experts can easily consume by diabetics. Pistachio, which reduces insulin resistance, also reduces the risks of stroke, stroke and high blood pressure by lowering the pressure.

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It is richer in fiber than foods such as rice, wheat and potatoes. The mixture that comes out when the pulp is boiled is good for dry skin. It renews the superficial structure of the skin. It reduces the signs of aging by providing vitamin E support.

Thanks to its high energy, it is also good for brain health. Vitamin B6 regenerates cells in the nervous system. This strengthens the memory part of the brain. In addition, vitamin B6 not only strengthens the brain, but also strengthens the immune system.

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Thanks to the fiber in its shell, it protects the stomach lining and balances the acidity in the stomach. It relieves digestion by protecting the flora in the intestines. It reduces the risk of health problems such as indigestion and bloating.

The E, C and B vitamins it contains allow the sand formed in the kidney and bladder area to be poured more easily.

When pistachios are boiled and the water is drunk, it stops the constant cough. At the same time, in the lung; Relieves inflammation caused by cigarettes and high-caffeinated beverages.

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It easily meets 60 percent of the phosphorus needed by the human body. Even one cup per day increases the level of phosphorus.

It even has an effect on preventing eye diseases that increase in advanced ages. Thanks to lutein and zeaxanthin substances, it increases the rate of vision while preventing the formation of cataracts by increasing the rate of fluid in the eye.


When consumed too much, it causes weight gain. Since the oil rate is high, acne occurs on the skin surface by increasing the fatty liver. It also increases the cholesterol level. In addition, the protein it contains can cause an allergic reaction by fighting against substances in the immune system.

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