What are the benefits of pine cones? What happens if you boil a pine cone and drink the juice?

Pine cones are often used in ornaments. Although most people do not know, pinecone has incredible benefits for human health. We have searched for you who are curious about pine cone water, which provides one-to-one benefits for upper respiratory tract diseases, especially during seasonal transitions. So what are the benefits of pine cones? What happens if you boil the pine cone and drink the water? How is the pine cone water prepared? Are pine cones harmful? Here is the answer…

Cones that grow on pine trees, which have millions of varieties, have benefits for human health. Most people make ornaments about the pine cone, which is frequently used in medical treatment in the Far East. Pine cones, which are used for decoration purposes, are consumed as a natural treatment for upper respiratory tract diseases during the winter months. In addition, since not all pine cones, which are used for beauty purposes, are the same, a specialist should be consulted before using them. Cones, which are generally used in green form, are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cones, which contain as much substance as fertile soil, are consumed not only by boiling but also by grinding. There are those who make jam with raw cones, the use of which varies from region to region. The most common form is to be consumed by boiling. Cones collected at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn have different types depending on where they are grown.

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When the pine cone is boiled with vinegar and gargled, it destroys the infected cells in the gums. It strengthens the roots of the teeth. It also whitens the tartar formed on the tooth surface by cleaning it. However, this mixture should be thrown orally without swallowing.

A tablespoon of olive oil, a ground pine cone and a spoonful of wax are mixed and applied to the wound or damaged skin, where it renews the deformed cells. While it provides rapid closure of wounds, it is effective in a short time without scarring.

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Pine cones collected in green form are boiled. When it is filtered and consumed by adding honey after resting for a day, it cleans the microbes in the throat. It is an effective expectorant. It provides a quick treatment process when consumed during diseases such as coughing, bronchitis and shortness of breath.

Thanks to the high calcium and protein it contains, this consumed mixture removes free radicals in the immune system from the body and increases the resistance of immunity against diseases.

Pine cones, which contain potassium, are used to make hair damaged by cosmetics look brighter and livelier. It also supports the self-renewal of skin cells. It reduces wrinkles and aging.

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People who are under constant stress experience serious nervous breakdowns after a while. As the transmission of nerve cells decreases, the risk of experiencing conditions such as fatigue and weakness increases. Thanks to the sedative it contains, the pine cone reduces the rate of occurrence of such situations.

Nerve cells cause not only mental illnesses, but also serious damage to the brain. Pine cones calm the nerves and solve the problem of focusing.


Cut 3 clean unripe green pine cones and boil them with half a liter of water. Soak in the same water for 24 hours. Then drain the cones, add the water to a separate pot and boil it once more. When it has a bitter taste, add honey and consume it. One glass a day will suffice.

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Use the green when preparing the juice. In other recipes, for example, when making jam and molasses, definitely consume the ripe brown one. Otherwise, you will prepare the ground for serious digestive problems. Also, excessive consumption is not recommended. This beneficial nutrient can cause serious health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to consume, especially those with chronic diseases, by consulting their doctors.

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