What are the benefits of peganum seeds? How to make a tea from peganum peony?

Did you know that peganum, also known as evil eye grass, has benefits for human health? So what are the benefits of mulberry seeds? How to make peganum seed tea? We searched for those who were curious about the peganum harmala seed for you. In the detail of the news, you can find everything about the peganum peganum, which helps to open the clogged sinus channels.

The seeds of the harmala plant, which grows in hot regions such as Africa, Asia and America, are consumed as tea in our country. In addition, in some regions, this seed is burned in the house and is thought to provide psychological relief. That’s why it is called the evil eye seed. This seed, which has white flowers, contains harmaline, harmine, harmalol, peganin glycosides and red dyestuffs. The oils obtained from its seeds have been used as natural remedies in medical treatments. Hazelnut, which has an aphrodisiac effect, is the most effective among the plants that are good for depression and stress. However, when consumed excessively, it negatively affects eye and stomach health. It is useful to consult a specialist before consuming peganum seeds.

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The upper respiratory tract is blocked due to high infection. When the peganum is burned and its smoke is smelled, it opens the sinus tracts. It removes the infection accumulated in the glands with discharge.

Tea made from peganum peganum is also good for sore throat and inflammation after the flu, which is often seen during seasonal transitions. It removes the inflammation accumulated in the throat with sputum. It also alleviates the severity of the damage caused by coughing in the chest and lungs.

It ensures the shedding of worms that appear in the intestines caused by food wastes. By cleaning the digestive tract, it prevents intestinal diseases that may be experienced.

Thanks to the substances it contains, the peg seed, which has a relaxing effect, ensures a healthier functioning of the memory and brain. It fights diseases such as forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s. At the same time, when you drink the peganum chamomile tea, which is very effective for those who have sleep problems, an hour before bedtime, it supports you to have a comfortable sleep.

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It prevents aging by ensuring the regular functioning of hormones. In addition, it increases the serotonin hormones and makes the person calmer. Experts especially recommend that women consume it during premenstrual syndrome.

For eye inflammation, it is boiled together with fennel seeds and applied to the eyes with the help of cotton pads, allowing the inflammation to be eliminated in a short time.

Food wastes accumulating in the mouth cause bad breath, including the salivary gland and stomach. In order to prevent this, keep the black peg seed in its mouth. Discard after softening. Solvents in peganum seeds settle in saliva. Enzymes remove the wastes accumulated in the saliva from the body through the stomach.


Add a tablespoon of peganum seeds to 2 glasses of water and boil for 2 minutes. Let it brew for 7 minutes. Consume after straining. Be careful not to consume for a long time and continuously.

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