What are the benefits of Ottoman putty? Which diseases can be cured?

This tradition, which started in the Ottoman period, continues until today. Ottoman paste is a medicine obtained from many useful foods. We have searched for those who are curious about this natural medicine, which provides incredible benefits especially against diseases. What are the benefits of Ottoman putty? Which diseases can be cured?

Upon the illness of Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, wife of Yavuz Sultan Selim, Suleiman the Magnificent asked Merkez Efendi, the head of physicians, for medicine for his mother. Merkez Efendi, dar-ı fulful, scavenger, black cumin, mustard seeds, galangal, kokonat, five bases, coconut flower, cardamom, kalbarda, cloves, kebabiye, black pepper, anise, cumin, coriander, lemon salt, elixir, ma-i delicious , indigo, licorice honey, orange peel, revan root, saffron, gum, yellow halile, cassia, damask, sasli, resin, cinnamon, cinnamon flower, Crimean tartar, gooseberry, addictive, ud-ul kahar, vanilla, new spring, It boils spice plants such as ginger, zerde trash, zulumba and hıyarşenbe by mixing water. The resulting mixture is given to Hafsa Sultan as medicine. After the healing mixture, Suleiman the Magnificent wanted this mixture to be distributed to the public. The mixture, which later became a tradition, was called Ottoman paste. Ottoman paste, which is made and distributed during Ramadan, at the arrival of spring and at festivals, is good for many diseases thanks to the various spices and herbs it contains. Ottoman paste, also known as mesir paste, was used as a medicine in medical treatments in Far Asia, Egypt and Mesopotamia. According to the information given by Evliya Çelebi, Ottoman paste made from a mixture of forty kinds of spices and herbs was sold everywhere, especially in Istanbul.

  • Ottoman paste, which is made from more than one food, makes the intestines work better.
  • Increases body resistance.
  • It provides the minerals and vitamins that immunity needs.
  • It gives natural sugar to insulin resistance in the blood.
  • It reduces the effect of infections and viruses in the throat.
  • Regulates hormones.
  • It strengthens nerve cells and reduces the risk of stress and depression.

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Digestive problems include indigestion and heartburn. These situations are usually experienced after meals. Especially in Ramadan, Ottoman paste provides one-to-one benefits to soothe these problems in the stomach, which is suddenly loaded with nutrients.

Ottoman paste, which benefits the intestines as well as the stomach, regulates the intestinal flora and prevents the accumulation of toxins here. It does not keep the gas caused by the food in the intestine and helps in its removal. It also prevents constipation by showing a mucilage effect by softening the intestines.

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Balances body temperature. When consumed during seasonal changes, it balances the heat and oxygen that suddenly appear in the body. In this way, the nerve cells in the body work more healthily. Nerves are important in body coordination as well as in the brain. It is especially good for diseases such as stress, depression and fatigue.

Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it ensures the destruction of infected cells in the respiratory and urinary tract. Thus, it prevents possible diseases. It removes all the toxins in the body through the urine.

Since it is effective in cleansing the body, the immune system is also strengthened. It creates a shield in the body against diseases.

It is also beneficial for the developmental age, menstrual period and pregnant women to consume. It helps in hormone regulation.

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