What are the benefits of nutmeg? What diseases are nutmeg good for?

Do you know what the arbutus fruit is, whose yellow color turns red, a sign that the winter season has arrived? We have researched for you the ones who are curious about the arbutus fruit, which is seen in the markets but is not known by everyone. The arbutus, which is very effective against cancer, has incredible benefits for human health. So, what are the benefits of nutmeg? What diseases are nutmeg good for? The answer to all these questions is in the details of the news…

The arbutus that grows on the tree, which belongs to the heather family, is also called bildin. The arbutus, which grows easily especially in the Mediterranean, is a fruit that completes its development slowly. If the arbutus, which is seen on the trees as yellow, turns red, it is a harbinger of both winter and edibility. Arbutus, also known as strawberry tree, is not recommended to be consumed in excess. Due to its ingredients, it relaxes the nervous system thoroughly. However, for centuries, it has been consumed both as a fruit and dried leaves to make tea and used as a medicine in alternative medicine. Arbutus, which has a strong relaxing effect, was given to the patient before surgical operations to be performed in ancient times. The arbutus, which grows spontaneously in forest areas in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions in our country, heralds spring when it blooms, and autumn with yellow fruit. It has thorny protrusions on it. It is similar to strawberry, but the taste is completely different. It has a tree structure in the form of a bush. The fruit is quite fleshy.

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The arbutus, which can be eaten with its seeds, is effective in preventing tooth and gum diseases. It does a more detailed cleaning than a toothbrush on the fruit tooth layer containing solvents.

As with all fruits with a red color, arbutus, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both protects and strengthens the structure of cells. Thanks to this feature, it prevents the formation of rheumatism, infection, bone diseases as well as cancer.

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Intestinal worms, which are more common in children, are a serious digestive problem. Among the natural remedies, there is arbutus. Arbutus allows both worms to be excreted with defecation. It also protects the intestinal flora.

Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it removes the infected cells in the urine. It prevents the accumulation of urine in the bladder. It prevents serious diseases such as fungal formation in the urinary tract, which is more common in women.

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Arbutus, which is beneficial for preventing acne and pimple formation, which increases during adolescence and has a high incidence in some of them after that period, also prevents the formation of blackheads and pores on the skin surface.

It is powerful in cleansing the liver and lungs. It removes the deformity caused by smoking, especially in the lungs, and restores it to its former health.

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It facilitates the shedding of stones or sand in the kidneys as a result of unhealthy nutrition and insufficient water consumption. Thanks to the liquid it contains, it increases the working functions of the kidney glands.


Consumed fresh, arbutus can be dried, ground, mixed with honey and used. When mixed with honey, it is especially good for throat infections and digestive problems. The leaves are dried and tea is made. In addition, this boiled water can be used as a skin tonic. Jam can be made. It can be added to sweet cake making.

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