What are the benefits of nettle grass? How to make nettle tea and what does it do?

Nettle, which causes severe itching during skin contact, actually has many health benefits when consumed correctly. We have searched for you, who are curious about nettle, which is especially beneficial in clearing free radicals in the body. Experts generally recommend that it is collected correctly, dried and consumed as a tea. So what are the benefits of Stinging Nettle?

Nettle, known as “Urtica dioica” in the scientific literature, belongs to the herbaceous perennial flowering plant family. Nettle, which has been used in herbal treatment for centuries, has many benefits for human health. Stinging nettle is burning and itchy when touched with bare hands. There are thin thorns on the surface of the nettle, which starts to grow in spring. In these thorns formic acidand histamine When the substances come into contact with the skin, they cause itching and shedding by disrupting the mutation of the cells here. Nettle grass has fruit. Oil is obtained from these fruits, which look like hazelnuts. This oil is often used in the cosmetics and health industry. It delays wrinkles and aging by renewing the elastic structure on the skin surface. In the content of nettle, flavonoid compounds, mineral substances, lutein and carotenoid compounds help to weaken by showing a diuretic effect. In ancient societies, it was used not only in traditional medicine, but also as a raw material for food, tea and textiles.


It removes the toxins that negatively affect the healthy functioning of the body within an hour. It also facilitates digestion by balancing the intestinal flora.

This herb, which contains solvents and caustic substances, prevents serious life ailments by preventing the formation of stone sand in the bladder and kidneys. It also prevents urinary tract infection.

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Thanks to the vitamin C and iron it contains, it balances blood cells. It facilitates circulation by increasing blood cells. In addition, it is a very effective herb in injuries. Since it regulates blood circulation, it reduces vascular occlusion and subsequently the rate of heart disease.

Studies have shown that this herb has a positive effect on allergic diseases. It reduces the herb allergic cells containing extract combinations. For those who experience frequent allergic reactions, experts recommend drinking a glass of tea from this herb.

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It is good for respiratory problems as well as allergic diseases. It reduces the risk of diseases such as colds and flu, especially during seasonal transitions.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces chronic muscle pain and is very effective in the treatment of gout.

Since it contains plenty of minerals and calcium, it repairs the tissues in the bones. It reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis or bone disorders, which are likely to be seen in advanced ages. In addition, it is good for joint and muscle pain. Experts recommend it as a natural treatment for rheumatism and arthritis patients. For joint pain, stinging nettle boiled in water is massaged and applied to the area of ​​pain.

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It increases the milk rate of women in the postpartum period. It also positively affects the quality of breast milk. A specialist should be consulted before use.

It prevents the formation of acne and pimples. Since it contains high antioxidants, it reduces the deformed cells in the skin. It has an anti-aging effect against stains. Generally, its juice is used as a tonic. In addition, it is an important nutrient that prevents hair loss. It prevents the formation of dandruff by reducing the damaged cells in the scalp.

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HOW TO MAKE Nettle Tea?

Leave a tablespoon of dried stinging nettle in boiling water for 10 minutes, strain and consume or use. Since nettle is boiled, it can be consumed easily as it does not lose its vitamin and mineral values.

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It is not suitable for pregnant women to consume as it affects the menstrual cycle. In addition, lactating women are also inconvenient to consume. Since it can increase blood pressure, it causes high blood pressure when consumed excessively. It should also be avoided by those who use blood thinners. It is more beneficial to consult a specialist because the ingredients it contains are strong. Even its otherwise beneficial properties cause serious diseases.

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