What are the benefits of mullet fish? It strengthens the immune system against cancer cells!

Tabby, which is constantly confused with red mullet, is among the tropical fish species. The mullet, which has a mixture of red and pink colors, has whiskers. Tabby fish, which is often preferred due to its taste, prevents the cells in the body from deforming and prevents the formation of cancer diseases. It also strengthens immunity. So what are the benefits of mullet fish?

The tabby fish, which is in the classification of Mullus Surmuletus in the scientific literature, belongs to the Mullidae family. The head of the mullet, which is more rounded than other fish species, has a red-pink mixture color. Tabby fish with whiskers on both sides, just like cats, are usually between 15 and 25 cm. It is found in waters where it is seen very rarely as 40 cm. Tabby fish, which can live for more than nine years, are thought to be ornamental fish due to their color. In addition to being rich in fatty acids, it is among the rare fish that omega-3 fatty acids pass directly into the body. In this way, it has incredible benefits for human health. In particular, mullet, which strengthens immunity, protects the body against viruses and infections. The mullet fish, which increases the body’s resistance, provides benefits from heart and vascular diseases as well as hair loss or skin diseases. Just like red mullet fish, it is more common to be consumed by cooking paper kebab. They like sand, mud and stony waters. They were named tabby because of their mustache. They live by consuming small crustacean foods deep in the seas. It is commonly seen in the Mediterranean and Aegean. These fish, which migrate in the summer months, go down to the sea bottoms with the winter months. It is consumed fresh in our country. However, many countries import this fish in canned form. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as calcium.


– Known by almost everyone, omega-fatty acid prevents cardiovascular diseases. The mullet, which provides blood flow, prevents the clogging of the vessels and the accumulation of fat. It is recommended to consume plenty of mullet, which increases the level of good cholesterol, especially for children or pregnant women.

High levels of calcium as well as omega-3 fatty acids have positive effects on bone and muscle development. This benefit also contributes to tooth development.

– Studies have shown that since mullet provides extra oxygen to the body, it will be beneficial for asthma and respiratory patients to consume it abundantly. Experts recommend mullet for regeneration of the lungs.

– Preventing the accumulation of fat in the body by positively affecting the liver functions, the mullet also ensures the regeneration of the dermis layer, which is the bottom layer of the skin. In this way, acne and pore formation are reduced.

– Prevents prostate cancer seen in men at advanced ages. In addition, thanks to its rich vitamins and minerals, it strengthens body cells and prevents cancer diseases.

Experts say that it is a food that diabetics can easily consume.

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