What are the benefits of mistletoe (Centertain)? What diseases is mistletoe good for?

Did you know that mistletoe consumed as ointment and tea has incredible benefits for human health? We searched about the things that are not known to everyone but are frequently consumed in the field of pharmacy. Mistletoe, which surprises with its appearance, is a living parasite or parasite that lives attached to different trees. So, what are the benefits of Mistletoe (Chechen) grass? What diseases is mistletoe good for? You can find the answers to the questions in the details of the news.

The name of the mistletoe, which lives on trees such as apple, pear, poplar, willow and oak, varies from region to region. The herb, also known as zodiac tree, sky tree, mistletoe or cecem, is usually consumed by making tea. Grass without seeds, has white round fruits. When these fruits burst, a sticky substance is released. These balls at the ends of the branches are likened to the first state of olives. The branches reach a maximum of 100 cm. It opens in Autumn and Spring. Used year-round. It has been added to drug productions in alternative medicine since ancient times. It grows mostly in Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Turkistan. Mistletoe and its grains; It contains substances such as tannin, urson, inosite, viscotoxin, sapotoxin and glycoside. The sticky substance in the fruit contains a substance called vicin. However, these buds are not used in consumption. The leaves, which are caught by the buds, are mostly dried and drunk. The bud part is known to be added to drug productions by passing through functions.

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It is a tea that should be consumed regularly by people who frequently experience upper respiratory tract diseases. Thanks to the refreshing and antibacterial substances it contains, it reduces the number of harmful cells that cause infection in the throat. It is especially recommended by experts in the treatment of asthma. Some people with asthma who drink a cup of mistletoe tea every day have also observed that the symptoms of the disease are reduced.

Studies have shown that mistletoe prevents the spread of cancerous cells and shrinks malignant tumors. In addition, there is mistletoe in the content of cancer drugs.

It is beneficial for people with dry cough to drink the tea obtained from this herb every two days.

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It regulates the hormonal disorders experienced by women who enter menopause after a certain age, and enables them to get through this period without health problems.

It is good for health problems such as depression and stress, which are among the most common mental illnesses today. It is recommended to drink one hour before going to sleep as it is effective in calming the nerves. Thus, it also solves the sleep problem.

It is effective in paying off. Although there is no information about its use for diet yet, it helps to easily remove inflammation and edema accumulated in the body.

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In some studies, it has been observed that it balances sugar in the blood. It is recommended for diabetics.

Women who experience severe pain during menstruation should regularly eat two days before the start of menstruation. kse (check)They should consume the herb tea.

Consuming some foods during diarrhea caused by both prevents fluid loss and reduces the number of cells that cause diarrhea in the intestines.


Blend the hibiscus flowers and a tablespoon of butter in a mixer to a creamy consistency. You can use it after insect bites, wounds and herpes.

Throw a pinch of mistletoe into a glass of hot water. Leave to infuse at room temperature for a day. Then strain and completely purify from herbs, heat and consume.

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It is strictly not recommended to consume the fruits. The substances it contains have a poisoning effect. It is also not recommended to be consumed frequently. When consumed raw, it causes vomiting and nausea. Pregnant and lactating women should consult their specialists before consuming. In addition, people with serious chronic diseases should consult a specialist before consuming.

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