What are the benefits of mineral water? Does mineral water have an effect on the coronavirus epidemic?

Mineral water obtained from groundwater, which has a geological structure, is very rich in minerals. Generally, people with indigestion problems consume it after meals. Water is extracted from the deepest places. It contains substances such as potassium, calcium and phosphate. Some experts say that mineral water is effective against the increasing coronavirus in recent days. So what are the benefits of mineral water? Here is the answer:

The difference between mineral water and normal water is that it contains mineral salts, elements and gas. Mineral water formed in the depths of alkaline soils, those containing less than 500 ppm of minerals are called low mineral water, and those containing more than 1500 ppm are called high mineral waters. With the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas it receives from the magma, the water gives birth to places close to the earth’s surface. The human body also needs the substances in mineral water. It increases the functions of nerve cells, especially by regulating the body’s electrolytes. In addition, it prevents an increase in blood pressure by balancing the body’s fluid and acid ratio. Mineral waters are often consumed in digestive problems.


The treatment and a definitive medicine for the coronavirus, which was accepted as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, which emerged in December in Wuhan, China and spread all over the world in a few months, has not yet been produced. About the coronavirus, which manifests itself with high fever and dry cough, Expert Dr. Ali Kasım Hacim emphasized that mineral water contains almost all of the minerals that the body needs. The effects of volume mineral water on the body “Mineral is as valuable as vitamins in our body. For example, sodium and potassium need to enter and leave the cell in order for the nervous system to move. This is also found in mineral and mineral water. Potassium relaxes the muscles and prevents cramps. Consumption of mineral water also helps our body to be resistant. Thus, immunity our system will be strong and the rate of getting sick will decrease. In addition to natural vitamins, mineral intake is also very important to strengthen our immune system. Without minerals, we cannot keep these organs resistant. I recommend drinking at least 2 bottles of mineral water a day. If possible, the one with a high mineral content should be preferred. In a green bottle The mineral water in the mineral water is high in mineral content and is natural.told in his words.

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Mineral water, which is rich in sodium, prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder, as it preserves the acid rate in the body. Thanks to its diuretic feature, it removes excess acid and inflammation in the body.

Fluoride provides an incredible benefit for bone and dental health. Fluoride, which is especially effective in its formation, strengthens the bone and tooth structure. That’s why experts say that two bottles of soda a day will contribute to dental and bone health. In addition, it accelerates the time of bone and tooth formation during any impact. In addition, since mineral water contains bicarbonate, it maintains the acid-base balance in blood and urine.

It removes viruses and bacteria caused by the infection from the body in a short time. Thus, the body is cleansed before the immune system produces antibodies. When it increases the functions of sweat glands, it both removes oil through sweat and helps to remove excess water.

Abdominal swelling occurs due to overeating or excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Mineral water is consumed to prevent this situation that causes stomach discomfort. Mineral water increases the functionality of the stomach, which slows down the work of excess nutrients. In addition, the chloride it contains supports digestion.

It strengthens the veins and muscle tissues and prevents their wear. Thanks to its potassium content, it maintains the balance of water in the body. In addition, since it strengthens the transmission of nerve cells to the brain, it prevents the occurrence of diseases such as forgetfulness.

Mineral water, which allows the cells to be cleaned quickly, provides incredible benefits in the skin layer. By increasing the pH value in the dermis layer of the skin, it prevents the formation of acne and acne.

Studies have shown that it increases the functionality of the gallbladder and pancreas organs and helps the liver to remove toxins. In this way, its effect on the cells that have entered the body due to various nutrients is reduced.


It facilitates stomach digestion. It is more effective against infections. It especially supports people who have stones in their kidneys to get rid of stones easily. When a small amount of salt is added to this mixture, it prevents the hardening of the veins. It also strengthens the walls of the veins, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.

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