What are the benefits of milk, reducing the risk of obesity!

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There is no one who does not know the benefits of milk for human health. It provides benefits in many ways from bone development to reducing the risk of obesity. Yes, you heard right! Dairy even reduces the risk of obesity! As Elmaelma.com, we investigated the unknown benefits of milk for you. All those who are wondering, Acıbadem University Nutrition and Dietetics Department Head Prof. Dr. We learned from Murat Baş. Here are the unknown benefits of milk, which is a complete source of healing!


prof. Dr. Protein is very important in the head, especially in the physical and brain development of children. High-quality, real-protein milk should be consumed every day. The proteins found in milk are of higher quality than the proteins found in other foods. Our body digests almost all of the protein in milk. For this reason, milk is one of the healthiest sources of protein.


Milk is seen as the only source of calcium in the society, but recent studies have revealed its important effects such as the control of many different diseases. Milk also contains many other minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and selenium. In the last 20 years, research on dairy proteins has increased. Today we know that dairy products have direct positive effects on hypertension, dyslipidemia and hypertension. Dairy proteins also indirectly improve metabolic health by increasing lean body mass and reducing obesity.

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