What are the benefits of Mexican beans? How to consume Mexican beans?

prof. Dr. Mehmet Öz emphasized that the constant nervous and tired state is caused by magnesium deficiency. He stated that the main reason for this was the lack of magnesium. Suggesting to consume some foods for this, Öz emphasized that Mexican beans come first among these foods. So what are the benefits of Mexican beans? How to consume Mexican beans? Here are the answers to all the questions:

The Mexican bean, which is an indispensable part of Mexican cuisine, which is famous for its hot sauces, is a common food belonging to the kidney and bean family. Known as “Phaseolus vulgaris” in the scientific literature, the red or purple bean is called Mexican bean because it is widely used in Mexico. It has this color because of its high content of lycopene, an antioxidant substance. Although it is often consumed in Mexican cuisine, it actually belongs to India. Usually consumed as a salad, Mexican beans are an ideal food for vegans. Low-calorie Mexican beans have existed in nature for over 7000 years. Mexican beans, which are effective in cancer treatment, have high nutritional value. Spanish explorers were found in India and began to spread all over the world. prof. Dr. Mehmet Öz emphasized that as a result of a research he conducted, there is an increase in tiredness and irritability of today’s people due to the pace of work and the purpose of life. He also stated that the reason for this was due to an unhealthy diet in this work pace. Oz, in an article “Mexican beans are second among other beans in terms of antioxidants. A complete source of fiber. 250 grams of Mexican beans contain 84 m of magnesium”He talked about the benefits of Mexican beans.

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Since it contains high fiber, it is an ideal food for those who want to diet or have digestive problems. When consumed regularly, it also provides the energy that the body needs during the day. It is also recommended to be consumed by those who do not want to consume er. It causes the metabolic system to function in a healthy way.

It meets the magnesium needed by the body. It balances the acidic ratio in the body by reducing bone pain. At the same time, since it contributes to bone development, experts recommend it to be consumed by pregnant women and their children. Especially beneficial for women, Mexican beans prevent hormonal imbalance.

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Due to unhealthy diet and intense work tempo, there is a decrease in blood cells. Blood pressure drops, which can lead to serious illness. This is where Mexican beans come into play, too. When consumed regularly, it minimizes blood problems. It is also an ideal food for people with chronic blood pressure.

The body needs antioxidants to get rid of harmful substances. However, these antioxidants can be obtained through food. Mexican beans are also an ideal food in this regard. It removes all toxins from the body in a short time. Therefore, it prevents the occurrence of cancer diseases.

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Protein is an essential substance for the body. It is known that the only food with the most beneficial protein is red meat. However, some experts do not consume meat, so the body gets the protein it needs from different foods. Mexican beans come first among these foods. Protein allows the cells in the body to be repaired quickly.

It reduces the severity of some symptoms that occur during the menstrual, pregnancy and menopausal phases of women. It can be consumed especially for health problems such as sweating, stress, blood sugar and metabolic stagnation.

It contains high amounts of vitamin C, fiber and substances such as iron. It corrects these deficiencies of the body in a short time. By strengthening immunity, it prevents easy diseases during seasonal transitions.

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First of all, the water is kept the night before. It can then be boiled just like beans and chickpeas.

Mexican beans can be consumed in the form of salad, most often combined with greens.

It can be poured as a sauce on pasta by frying boiled Mexican beans in olive oil and adding tomato paste.

Carrots and potatoes can also be added to the main course.

It can also be eaten as burtitto, which is prepared with tortilla bread, which is common among Mexican dishes.

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