What are the benefits of medlar? What diseases is medlar good for?

Did you know that the medlar fruit, which has been grown and consumed for 3000 years, has incredible benefits for human health? We have searched for you who are curious about the medlar, which contains high levels of vitamins and minerals. The miracle nutrient that prevents iron deficiency balances the rates of blood. So what are the benefits of medlar? What diseases is medlar good for? How to consume medlar? The answer to all these questions is in the details of the news…

The name of the medlar fruit, which belongs to the rose family, in the scientific literature is mespilus. Medlar, which grows on a tree in the bush formation, grows in the climate of Turkey, Iran, Caucasus and South East Europe for over 3000 years. Medlar, which has a very hard structure, is consumed after being fermented after being collected. When the medlar, which is sold in its mature form, becomes soft, it becomes a fruit suitable for consumption. Medlar, which is widely used in traditional medicine literature, contains B vitamin complex. This nutrient, which experts recommend to be consumed daily, is also effective in cleaning the liver and lungs. Medlar, which is high in terms of liquid content, also provides water balance. It also supports the functioning of the adrenal glands. In alternative medicine, porridge is made and consumed for constipation. The tea, which is boiled with its leaves, is an ideal drink for throat infections. Medlar with high calcium content strengthens the muscle and bone structure.

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Medlar, which is rich in melovin, reduces the number of damaged cells in the nervous system and supports healthier functioning. Especially when the bark is boiled and drunk, it is beneficial for ailments such as stress and depression.

Since the liquid rate is high, it is an ideal fruit for people who neglect to drink water in winter. It increases the functions of the kidneys. Balances the intestinal flora.

It helps to shed ailments such as sand and stones formed in the kidney and bile for various reasons.

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In addition, it prevents serious health problems such as diarrhea and dysentery by eliminating intestinal inflammation.

It contributes to muscle and bone development as it contains high amount of calcium. That’s why experts recommend that children consume regularly. It provides easy recovery of the affected bone structure.

Medlar, which we say is good for the nervous system, also supports blood circulation. Regular blood circulation increases the oxygen rate to the brain. Thus, the person becomes more vigorous during the day. In addition, by secreting blood-forming substances, it prevents conditions that predispose to anemia.

It also benefits women whose ovaries and uterine walls are not intact. It increases the pregnancy rate.

This fruit, which has a high fiber content, helps to lose weight as it affects the metabolism positively as well as eliminating the need to eat more thanks to the feeling of satiety.

The fruit with a high liquid content not only meets the body’s water needs, but also supports the urinary excretion of free radicals circulating in the body.

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It rarely causes allergies in some people. Caution should be exercised before consuming medlar, which causes reddening of the skin. The daily consumption dose should not be exceeded. It also causes gas compression when consumed in excess. Experts recommend that it be consumed in medlar as in every food. At the same time, those who use drugs due to chronic diseases should consume it carefully.

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