What are the benefits of mastic gum? Which diseases is it good for? How to use mastic gum?

Did you know that the mastic gum obtained from the gum tree is beneficial for human health? Mastic gum, which is frequently consumed in Turkish and Greek cuisine, is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. We have compiled for you those who are curious about mastic gum, which has a pleasant smell thanks to the aromatic taste it contains. So what are the benefits of mastic gum? Which diseases is it good for? How to use mastic gum? You can find everything about mastic gum in the details of the news.

Dalma gum is obtained from gum trees grown in the Aegean region of our country. This material, whose main location is Chios, has a slippery and sticky texture when touched. In the middle ages, mastic gum, which was discovered by the villagers and used in every field, was used as a medicinal drug for the first time. The smell and taste of chewing gum were discovered and started to be put into foods. This substance, which is produced by the trunk of the gum tree first as a liquid and then solidified when it comes into contact with the air, is called gum because it grows in Chios. The trees, which were heavily damaged for a period, were taken under protection. Chewable gum in the mouth has a matte glossy color. It is rich in gum dissolving and refreshing ingredients. In addition, chewing gum, which has the strongest antiseptic content in nature, is effective in combating infection. Soap is also made from mastic gum, which is used as a raw material for making coffee and desserts in Turkish cuisine. Mastic gum, which is good for many diseases, is sold in herbalists.

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It is used in the production of Turkish coffee. It reduces the bitterness and gives an aromatic taste. At the same time, it breaks the negative effect of coffee on heart diseases.

When used by chewing in the mouth, it reduces the infection in the mouth. It whitens the teeth. It prevents the yellowing of the tooth surface.

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Shampoos, which are the raw material of mastic, reduce hair loss. It gives a bright and lively appearance.

The oil of mastic gum is effective in reducing the rate of heart and lung diseases.

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Thanks to the solvent, it is good for diseases such as reflux and ulcers in the stomach. During nausea or heartburn, it is chewed as gum and mixed with saliva. It passes through the esophagus with saliva, goes down to the stomach, and solves the deformed conditions here in a short time. It is a miracle food for the whole digestion.

It is also good for digestive problems such as indigestion after meals. Gum, which stops vomiting and nausea, regulates stomach acid. In particular, it prevents the stomach wall from being damaged.

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When consumed by mixing the powdered mastic with honey, it reduces the risk of respiratory diseases. It especially cleans the infected throat and lungs. It removes the infection in the throat with its expectorant effect. It reduces the risk of lung cancer.

It is used as a natural treatment for facial paralysis or jaw contractions. When chewed hard, it ensures that all the muscles in the head work at the same rate. It relaxes the nerves. Some experts emphasize that chewing this hard structure will be effective in cases such as headaches, stress and depression.

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Bad breath occurs due to negative problems in the stomach or mouth. One of the most natural methods to take away this problem is mastic gum. Thanks to its antiseptic effect, it reduces the rate of microbes on the teeth. It acts like a toothbrush and paste at the same time. Prevents bad breath and whitens teeth.

In the research, it was revealed that mastic gum is also effective in the treatment of infertility. It is recommended that children do not chew mastic gum, which has the ability to remove all toxins in the body through the urine. In addition, it should not be consumed hard without consulting a specialist.

It develops the jaw and facial muscles of mastic gum, which has a hard structure. Mastic gum is a natural treatment method for ear pressure after an airplane.

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